Poems About Regret

5 Poems About Regret To Help You Feel Better

Regret is one of the worst feelings out there. Whether it’s regretting doing something or regretting NOT doing something, regret can make us feel incredibly uncomfortable. Obviously, the best thing to do is never do anything that you regret, but as this is just about impossible in life, you should have a read through our … Read more

Poems About Caregivers

3 Poems About Caregivers To See Their Sacrifices

Caregivers, whether they are our family, friends or even professionals, should be celebrated. They are generally pretty selfless, and are there to help look after their charges and make them feel safe, comfortable and loved. Caregivers deserve a lot more than poetry – but as we cannot offer every one of them a pay rise … Read more

Poems About Losing A Husband

3 Poems About Losing A Husband / Spouse

Losing a loved one is just about the hardest thing any of us will ever have to go through, and losing a beloved spouse can be the hardest thing ever. Imagine this – you have fallen in love with someone and decided you will spend the rest of your lives together, then they pass away … Read more

Poems About Eating Disorders

3 Poems About Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are one of the biggest mental health issues there are. So many people struggle with food, and although it is linked with anxiety it can certainly manifest itself in terrifying ways. It can be really hard to know WHY you have issues with eating, and you may feel very isolated and alone. Poems … Read more

Poems About Freedom

9 Poems About Freedom To Celebrate

Being free is an incredibly important feeling – we need to know that we are the masters of our own destiny, and that we can make any decisions we like. Poems about freedom celebrate this feeling – and can even inspire you to seek it out more effectively. Poetry is a fantastic tool to get … Read more

Poems About Woods

5 Poems About Woods Good For The Soul

Going for a walk in the woods is incredibly good for the soul. It can help ground you, fill you with a deep appreciation for nature, and can really calm a racing mind. Poems about woods captures this feeling perfectly! If you desperately want to get out into the forests but you can’t, reading through … Read more

Poems About Home

5 Poems About Home For Warm, Fuzzy Feeling

“Home is where the heart is”, they say, and this is very true. However, sometimes you might not feel as though you are at home, whether this means physically or mentally. If you have moved away and you’re feeling nostalgic, have a look through our poems about home, to give you that warm, fuzzy feeling. … Read more

Poems About Adventure

7 Poems About Adventure To Invoke The Open Road

Who doesn’t love reading tales about swashbuckling pirates; shipwrecked survivors; discoverers of new lands? As children we are encouraged to read this sort of thing and we absorb it all – but as we get older there seems to be less chance to do so. Well, now there is! We have gathered up the finest … Read more

Poems About Mountains

7 Poems About Mountains Without Giving You Blisters

A good mountain range is a truly breathtaking sight. These towering rocks are usually the edges of tectonic plates, and in some cases they are the borders between countries. Poems about mountains can really celebrate the beauty of these giants! You may not be the mountaineering type, but if you love the idea of scaling … Read more

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