Poems About Confidence

5 Poems About Confidence To Inspire You

Have you ever thought to yourself that you wished you were more confident? Maybe you have taken assertiveness courses, but you still feel like a doormat. Sometimes watching our friends can make us wish that we shared their strength. Do you doubt yourself and really want to be more confident, in both yourself and your … Read more

Poems About Breathing

5 Poems About Breathing You Cannot Do Without

Breathing is one of those essential things that we literally cannot do without. A bit like food – except that you can survive longer without food than you can without breathing! There are a lot of poems about food and drink, right? So what about the poems about breathing? Well, look no further – we’ve … Read more

Poems about sailing

5 Poems About Sailing For Those Who Dream

Sailing is one of those things that many of us dream of… The open sea, the freedom, the smell of the salt in the air! For others, it can be a nightmare of seasickness, bad weather and being miserable! Whichever one of these people you are, or even if you’re somewhere in the middle, you … Read more

Poems About Running

9 Poems About Running That You Will Love

Some people love running, some people hate it. Whatever your feelings about it, you should give poems about running a go – they can be funny, witty, inspirational – and you never know, they may just give you the motivation to get off the couch and start training! Some descriptive writings about this pastime can … Read more

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