5 Poems About Acceptance To Feel More Normal

Acceptance is one of those things in life that can be quite tricky to get your head around. Why should you accept that diagnosis, or that job rejection, or the ending of that relationship?

Refusing to accept a situation that you cannot change can lead to a good deal of stress in your life – after all, you see the logic behind it, but you just can’t get your head around it. Have you ever thought that poetry can help you to sort through what is going on in your mind?

Poems about acceptance can help you to feel more “normal” if you are struggling to come to terms with something, and they can also help you with a few useful tips on how to do so in the future. Learning to deal with what we cannot change is a hard lesson in life, and we can choose to do it grudgingly, or throw ourselves wholeheartedly into the new change, and the future.

It can be especially hard if the thing we have to try to accept is not a decision that we have made for ourselves, but have a look through these poems, and you might just find the key to help you unlock a calm, peaceful, open minded life.

Poems About Acceptance

Poems About Acceptance


Author: S. Ellis

We are all unique, with different faces
Different cultures, different places
We speak different languages, have different styles
But that's what makes life worth while
We should embrace our differences with open hearts
And never let them tear us apart
For diversity is what makes the world go round
And acceptance is the key to peace that is found
So let us celebrate our individuality
And let our differences set us free
For when we accept each other, as we are
We'll reach a level of unity, that is far
From being distant or apart
But rather, close and connected at heart
So let us all accept one another
And build a world that is full of love and wonder


Author: P. Great

Death, the great unknown
A journey we all must go alone
But it is not something to fear
For it is a natural part of life, my dear
Though it may bring sadness and pain
It is a part of the cycle, and we must sustain
For every beginning has an end
And death, my friend, is not the end
But rather a transition, to a new plane
Where our souls can be free, and no longer contain
The struggles and hardships of this mortal coil
And be reunited with loved ones, who left before us toil
So let us not fear death, but rather embrace
The opportunity to be free, and find our place
In the great beyond, where we can rest
And be forever at peace, with all that is blessed.


Author: N. Ellis

There once was a person, who thought
They were too short, or too caught
Up in their flaws, to be true
But then they realized, what they could do
They accepted themselves, for who they were
And it brought them a happiness, that was pure
For when we love ourselves, flaws and all
We can stand tall, and never fall
So let us all embrace our quirks and mistakes
And love ourselves, for goodness sake
For when we accept ourselves, as we are
We can shine bright, like a shining star

Individual Uniqueness

Author: S. Ellis

We are all unique, in our own way
With our own talents, and gifts to convey
No two people are exactly the same
We each have our own story, to claim
So let us embrace our individuality
And let our uniqueness, set us free
For when we accept ourselves, as we are
We can truly shine, like a shining star
We shouldn't try to fit in, with the crowd
But rather stand out, and be proud
Of who we are, and what we bring
To the world, it is a beautiful thing
So let us celebrate, our differences and quirks
And love ourselves, for goodness sake
For when we accept ourselves, as we are
We can truly thrive, and go far


Author: Unknown

Change is necessary, it's true
Embrace it, and see what you can do
Grow and evolve, don't be stuck
Accept change, and you'll be in luck

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