5 Poems About Chickens To Find Yourself Chuckling

Chickens are great – whether we are raising them, eating them, keeping them as pets, or simply enjoying their eggs! There are a great many things that we can do with chickens, and the products that we use from them, so why not enjoy some poetry about them too? It may surprise you to know that there are actually a great many poems about chickens out there, and we have tracked down some of the best ones for you – to make you laugh, to make you think, or just to pass half an hour when you are supposed to working!

Chickens, like all birds, are actually descended from dinosaurs. This may not be the best thing to tell that friend who has a chicken phobia, but it does make us look at them in a different way, right? Humankind has been using chickens for food for centuries, so it definitely makes sense that there are many poems dedicated to them.

Look through our list of writings about these fabulous birds, and you will find yourself clucking (sorry, chuckling!) your way through them – as well as remembering all the great things about this humble little feathered creature. I promise I won’t crow when you realize how true this is.

Poems About Chickens

Poems About Chickens

Sonnet About Nuggets

Author: E. Isla

Oh chicken nuggets, oh how sweet and savory, 
A delicacy that cannot be ignored, 
A taste so pure and oh so very juicy, 
A flavor that can't be found in any hoard.
A golden crust that's crisp and oh so crunchy, 
A tender center that's soft and oh so fine, 
A perfect snack that's oh so very munchy, 
A treat that's always welcome at dinnertime.
But alas, my love for chicken nuggets must end, 
For my waistline cannot handle all the guilt, 
Though I may crave them, 
I must make amends, 
And find a healthier snack that's more built.
But oh, those chicken nuggets, how I adore, 
A love that will always linger and endure.

Ballad About Chicken Wings

Author: S. Leigh

Once upon a time in a land not far away 
There lived a plump and juicy chicken named Ray 
He roamed the fields and sang a happy tune 
But little did he know his fate would come so soon
One day a farmer came and caught him in a net 
He knew his days of freedom were done and set 
But Ray didn't let despair get the best of him 
He held his head up high and gave a mighty grim
"I may be small and weak, but I'm not afraid 
I'll go down fighting, even if it's in a cage"
The farmer laughed and said, "You're not for meat 
I've got a special plan for you, a special treat 
You'll be the star of a feast, a party delight 
Your wings will be the main attraction, oh what a sight!"
Ray was skeptical, but he went along 
He figured it was better than the slaughterhouse and a gong 
He arrived at the party and was quite amazed 
To see his wings on display, all crispy and glazed
People cheered and clapped as he took the stage 
He danced and sang and made the crowd engage 
They loved his wings, they were a hit 
And so it was, Ray became a chicken wing celebrity, a bit
Now he travels the land, performing every night 
Bringing joy and flavor with his wings, oh what a sight 
He's grateful to the farmer for giving him a chance 
And he knows that even though he's small, he can still enhance
So if you're ever feeling down and out 
Just remember, even wings can rise and shout 
You never know what the future may bring 
Just hold on tight and let your feathers sing


Author: L. Boone

There once was a group of young chicks 
Who loved to play hide and seek in the sticks 
They'd peck at the ground 
And run all around 
Until they were tired and needed a quick rest in the mix
But one day a fox came creeping near 
The chicks all froze with fear 
They held their breath tight 
As the fox took flight 
But luckily they all escaped, clear


Author: V. Romy

Chicken soup, oh how comforting and warm 
On a cold winter's night, it's a soothing charm 
The aroma fills the air, a rich and savory scent 
It's the perfect remedy for a cold that's spent
A pot of love and goodness, simmering on the stove 
Filled with tender chicken and vegetables, a perfect blend to evoke 
Memories of childhood, of sick days spent in bed 
Feeling loved and cared for, with a steaming bowl of chicken soup, fed
But it's not just for the sick, it's for everyone to savor 
A comforting meal that's easy to favor 
It's simple and humble, yet so satisfying and grand 
A true classic, a dish that can withstand the test of time, oh so grand
So next time you're feeling down or just need a warm embrace 
Remember the power of chicken soup, it's a comforting, loving grace

Haiku About Eggs

Author: Unknown

Eggs of the chicken, 
Oval and delicate, pure white 
Nature's perfect food.

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