5 Poems About Coffee To Leave You Craving

Ahh, coffee – that delicious beverage that we have been using for centuries as a pick me up, a wind down after dinner, or simply as a tasty drink – who doesn’t love coffee? As a coffee enthusiast, you will probably have several different blends for different times of day; you know the history and origins of coffee and you are well aware which are the best types to buy. But, I bet you have never heard of poems about coffee!

These are a great way to celebrate that humble bean like never before – a poem is often a tribute, so for coffee lovers there is no better thing. Poems can be funny, or deep, or moving – and chances are you will find many of these examples in our collection.

If you, or someone you know, loves their coffee more than life itself, consider branching out from coffee you can drink to coffee you can read about. Ok, it might not wake you up quite so much as that hot cup of joe, but it will definitely wake up your brain! Just don’t blame us when poems about coffee leave you craving your favorite blend like never before.

Poems About Coffee

Poems About Coffee


Author: E. Carroll

Coffee and friends, a perfect blend,
Steaming hot cups that never end,
A aroma that fills the air,
Bringing folks together with care.
Laughter and stories, shared with glee,
Over a cup, as the world outside, we see,
Bonds strengthened, with every sip,
Of the dark and rich, coffee nip.
The warmth it brings, to body and soul,
A comfort, like a hug, that makes us whole,
With friends around, our worries cease,
As we savor the taste of the sweet release.
So here's to coffee, and here's to friends,
May our cups never empty, till the very end,
May our bonds, forever stay strong,
As we sip and laugh, the whole day long.


Author: D. Huerta

Coffee shops, a place of warmth,
Where the aroma of beans and grinds
Fills the air with a comforting charm.
A place to sit and unwind,
With a steaming cup in hand,
Where thoughts and ideas intertwine,
And creative juices flow like sand.
The murmur of voices and clinks,
Of cups and saucers, a soothing sound,
Where stories and laughter intermix,
And the world outside is drowned.
Coffee shops, a sanctuary,
For the tired and the stressed,
A place to find solace and clarity,
And to be truly at rest.
So let us raise our cups high,
And toast to the coffee shop life,
Where every sip is a sigh,
Of contentment and peace without strife.


Author: S. Ellis

Coffee and love, two great passions,
That bring warmth to our hearts and souls,
Two simple things that bring us satisfaction,
And make our lives feel whole.
Coffee, a morning ritual,
A comforting embrace,
A moment of peace and tranquility,
Before the day's pace.
Love, a feeling like no other,
A flame that never fades,
A bond that grows stronger with each other,
And forever it stays.
Together, they make a perfect blend,
A union of two hearts,
A love story that will never end,
And a love that sets apart.
So let us raise our cups high,
And toast to coffee and love,
Two simple things that make us sigh,
And blessings from the heavens above.


Author: A. Sharma

The morning sun shines through the window,
As the aroma of coffee fills the air,
A new day begins, a chance to start anew,
And chase away any lingering care.
The sound of the grinder, the hiss of the brew,
The warmth of the cup in my hand,
A moment of peace before the day's due,
A chance to stand.
The first sip is like a ray of sunshine,
Warming my heart and my soul,
A little pick-me-up, that makes everything fine,
A reminder that I'm whole.
Coffee in the morning, a ritual,
A start of a new day,
A reminder that with every sip,
I can pave my own way.
So let's raise our cups to the morning light,
And the coffee that makes it all right,
With every sip, we'll start anew,
And make every morning shine bright.


Author: P. Dennis

Coffee mugs, a simple thing,
But oh, how they hold so much,
Memories of laughter and joy they bring,
And a warmth to the touch.
They come in all shapes and sizes,
With designs that make us smile,
A reminder of special places and prized,
And people we've loved all the while.
From the chipped and well-worn,
To the shiny and new,
Each one holds a story,
Of the mornings we've been through.
They hold our coffee and tea,
Our hot cocoa and more,
A simple and humble vessel,
But one we can't ignore.
So let's raise our mugs high,
And toast to the memories they hold,
And the warmth that they provide,
As we grow old.

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