5 Poems About Confidence To Inspire You

Have you ever thought to yourself that you wished you were more confident? Maybe you have taken assertiveness courses, but you still feel like a doormat. Sometimes watching our friends can make us wish that we shared their strength. Do you doubt yourself and really want to be more confident, in both yourself and your abilities? If this is you, it may be time to read some poems about confidence!

Poetry can get into our minds, in many cases, far more easily than courses, affirmations and simply telling yourself to be more confident. Reading about about self belief can inspire you to become your bravest, boldest, most confident self!

Reading poetry can actually help to re-programe your mind, without you even noticing it. Simply reading the words, following the rhythm and getting into the pattern of the poems can truly inspire you.

If you feel you need a little more belief in your life, have a look through the lists of poems about confidence that there are – these will help you enormously in your quest to find your own strength. And who knows, once you’ve found it, maybe you will sit down and be confident enough to write about your own journey towards it!

Poems About Confidence

Poems About Confidence

In Love

Author: G. Russell

With each passing day, my love for you grows strong
I have complete confidence that our bond can't go wrong
In your arms, I feel safe and secure
With you, my future looks bright and pure
Our love is like a flower in bloom
It's vibrant, colorful, and fills up the room
With you by my side, I feel unstoppable
Together, we can conquer any obstacle
I trust you with all of my heart
You are the missing piece that completes my art
I have confidence in our love, it's true
I know that together, we can make it through.

Gaining Confidence

Author: N. Ellis

I used to hide in the shadows, afraid to shine
But now I've found my strength, and I am doing just fine
I've learned to love myself, flaws and all
And I am no longer afraid to stand tall
Gone are the days of self-doubt and fear
I am now confident, loud, and clear
I've discovered the power within me
And I am ready to set myself free
I am worthy and deserving of love and respect
I no longer need anyone else's approval to connect
With my newfound confidence, I can conquer anything
I am unstoppable, and my future is bright and freeing.

Losing Confidence

Author: S. Vance

Once, I was a beacon of light
But now I am lost, alone, and in fright
My confidence has been shattered and torn
And I am left feeling forlorn
I used to stand tall and proud
But now I am cowering, scared, and loud
I've lost my way and can't find my path
And I am filled with fear and wrath
I don't know how to find my way back
To the person I once was, confident and intact
But I will keep searching and try my best
To reclaim my confidence and pass this test.


Author: P. Doyle

I used to hate the way I looked
But now I've learned to see the good
I am confident in my own skin
And I am no longer letting others win
My body is strong and capable
It allows me to move and be unstoppable
I am grateful for all that it can do
And I will treat it with love, respect, and gratitude
I used to hide behind baggy clothes
But now I am showing off my beautiful toes
I am confident in my body, it's true
And I am finally living my best life, through and through.


Author: P. Draper

There once was a girl so confident and bold
She never felt like she needed to be controlled
She marched to the beat of her own drum
And never let anyone tell her she was dumb
She faced every challenge with a smile on her face
And never let anyone put her in her place
She was a shining star, bright and true
And she always knew exactly what to do
With her confidence and determination
She was a force to be reckoned with, no hesitation
She was unstoppable, and she knew it
And nothing could ever make her quit.

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