5 Poems About Crows To Look At Them In A Different Way

Crows are one of those really interesting birds that people can often feel pretty divided about. On the one hand they are super intelligent and a big part of our ecosystem, but on the other they can be a little scary looking and may be intimidating! If you really love these fascinating birds, why not read some of our poems about crows, and see if you can’t find something about them you never knew before?

Conversely, if you hate them then why not read poetry about them – you may discover a hidden gem that makes you look at them in a totally different way.

Poems about crows can focus on their comical aspects, or their interesting feeding habits, or even on their more spiritual sides. Whatever the poem’s focus, you can be sure that writings about crows will draw you in and intrigue you.

Have a read through our Corvid-based poems, and you will soon see that they are just as exciting as their cousin the Raven – despite the fact that one of the most well known poems that features a bird is about a Raven. Surely it’s time to give the crows a little shot at the limelight?

Poems About Crows

poems about crows

Crows And Ravens

Author: S. Ellis

Crows and ravens, creatures of the night, 
Black wings that spread and take to the sky. 
Their raucous calls and caws a stark delight, 
A symphony of sound that never dies.
Their intelligence, a thing to behold, 
With problem-solving skills that rival man. 
They play and they learn, as tales are told, 
Their cunning ways, forever in demand.
But crows and ravens, they are more than that, 
Their presence carries weight and mystery. 
Symbols of change and transformation, 
Bringers of omens, both good and history.
So let us embrace these feathered friends, 
For they are a beauty that never ends.


Author: S. Ellis

Crows and death, forever intertwined, 
Their presence a dark omen of what's to come. 
Their black wings spread, a sight to redefine, 
The starkness of life's journey, never done.
In myth and legend, they are symbols of fate, 
Guiding us on a path we cannot see. 
Their presence a reminder to not hesitate, 
To embrace the unknown with bravery.
But crows and death, they are not all despair, 
For with every end, a new beginning starts. 
They remind us to live life without care, 
To embrace each moment, with all our hearts.
So let us honor these feathered friends, 
For they are a reminder, our time will end.


Author: D. Sweeney

There once was a crow in love's thrall 
He'd sing to his mate through the fall 
But she'd just give a caw 
And fly off without a flaw 
Leaving the poor crow to stand tall


Author: F. Ford

Crows, symbols of sorrow and despair 
Their harsh caws a herald of woe 
They gather 'round when death is near 
Their presence a sign of the end, we know
But do they mourn, these creatures so black 
Do they feel the weight of grief like we 
Or are they simply drawn to the track 
Of death, a scavenger's call to be
I cannot say what thoughts go through their mind 
But watching them, I am filled with sadness 
For they seem to embody all that's unkind 
In this world, a constant reminder of badness
So while I may not understand their ways 
I cannot help but feel a sense of sorrow in their gaze


Author: Unknown

Black wings in the sky
Crows caw and circle above
Nature's harbinger

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