3 Poems About Daisies That Can Survive Anything

Daisies are the happiest little flowers out there, with their gorgeous sunny faces and pretty petals. They are also extremely hardy, and can survive just about anything, from the lawnmower to a really hard frost. We should all strive to be more daisy! Poems about daisies are a great way to celebrate this sweet little flower, so have a browse through this collection and see if you can find a poem that makes you open up like a flower.

If you are a gardening enthusiast, you may get a little exasperated with daisies when they pop up where you don’t want them – but remember how tenacious these little creepers are, and how hard they try to bring their pretty faces to your garden, and maybe you will feel a little more sympathetic towards them.

Daisies may not make the most attractive cut flower displays, but they are wonderful food for pollinators, and they are also really lovely to spot in your garden! Poems about daisies are the perfect thing to be reading while sitting out with a cup of tea in the early spring… Give it a try, we are sure that you won’t be disappointed.

Poems About Daisies

Poems About Daisies


Author: A. Snyder

Daisies in the field,
Pure and white as snow,
Remind me of a love,
That continues to grow.
Petals soft and tender,
Like a lover's kiss,
A symbol of true love,
That will never dismiss.
With every swaying breeze,
Daisies dance with glee,
Just like the love in my heart,
Forever wild and free.
In the warmth of the sun,
They stand tall and proud,
A reflection of the love,
That makes my heart sing loud.
So here's to daisies,
A symbol of true love,
May they remind us all,
Of the beauty from above.

Yellow Daisies

Author: R. Combs

Yellow daisies, bright and bold,
A beacon of happiness untold,
With petals like the sun's warm rays,
Bringing joy to all our days.
In fields they sway and dance,
With the breeze they take a chance,
To spread their cheer and joy,
Like a ray of sunshine to all, a new toy.
Their yellow hues, a symbol of friendship,
A reminder that our loved ones will never drift,
A reminder of sweet memories to come,
Yellow daisies, a reminder of a love that's forever young.
With every stem, a promise of new beginnings,
With every petal, a new day that's worth winning,
So let us all embrace the yellow daisies,
And let our hearts be filled with its sweet and easy.


Author: H. Todd

White daisies, pure and true,
A symbol of innocence and virtue,
In fields they grow, so bright and fair,
A symbol of love and beauty beyond compare.
With petals soft and delicate,
They sway with the breeze so great,
A gentle reminder of nature's grace,
A symbol of pure love that will not replace.
In gardens they bloom, a sight to behold,
A reminder that beauty is worth being told,
Their white petals, a symbol of peace,
A reminder that love will always increase.
White daisies, a symbol of hope and of dreams,
A reminder that in life, nothing is as it seems,
So let us embrace the white daisies,
A symbol of love that will forever be.

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