5 Poems About Dogs That Are Our Best Friends

Dogs are just the best, aren’t they? They have a well-deserved reputation for being man’s best friend, and it’s easy to see why! They are loyal, loving, funny, obedient – and many of them can be trained to do some truly amazing things (not least finding lost people with that awesome sense of smell).

If you love dogs, having a read through our list of poems about dogs is bound to make you look at your furry friend in a whole new light. You can also read poems to your puppy – just don’t blame us when he doesn’t understand the meaning and starts begging for treats instead!

If you live with someone who doesn’t like dogs and won’t let you get your favourite pet, why not read them a ditty about dogs? It might just change their mind! Our list of pup poetry will cheer up dog lovers as well as those who aren’t so keen.

Poems about dogs can also make a great gift for someone who loves all things canine – who knows, they might even discover something they never knew before! And, look on the bright side – no one can be allergic to a poem, and it won’t chew up your best shoes.

Poems About Dogs

Poems About Dogs


Author: N. Ellis

Fur soft as down, eyes bright and true,
A loyal companion, always by our side.
But life is fleeting, and all things must pass,
Leaving us to mourn the ones we love.
Dogs dying, hearts breaking,
Tears falling like rain,
Memories of wagging tails and playful barks,
Echoing in our minds, forever etched in our hearts.
Through fields of green and streets of stone,
They roamed with us, never alone.
But now they rest, their journey done,
Leaving us with love that shines on.
Though death may come and take them away,
Their memory will live on, every single day.
For in our hearts, they will always stay,
Forever loved, forever missed.
Rest in peace dear four-legged friend,
Till we meet again.


Author: S. Hewitt

With wagging tails and tongues that loll,
They greet us at the door,
Unconditional love in every wag,
Forever loyal, forever more.
Through thick and thin, through joy and strife,
They stand by us, our constant guide,
With eyes that sparkle and hearts that beat,
Their love, forever by our side.
Their love is pure, their love is true,
With no judgment or demand,
They give it freely, without reserve,
A love that knows no end.
With every bark and every kiss,
They show us what love means,
A never-ending, selfless gift,
That makes our hearts beam.
So let us treasure this love so rare,
And hold it dear to our heart,
For in this world, there is nothing
Like the love of a dog, pure and smart.

In Heaven

Author: Z. Hines

Beyond the clouds, up in the sky,
Where angels sing and flowers bloom,
There lies a place where dogs run free,
Their spirits lifted from their tombs.
In heaven's fields, where grass is green,
And sunbeams dance on butterfly wings,
Dogs frolic, with no pain or fear,
And joyous barks and howls they sing.
With tails wagging and tongues lolling,
They chase each other round and round,
Their souls renewed, their spirits whole,
In this peaceful, heavenly ground.
And when we think of them, up above,
Our hearts are filled with love and pride,
For they are free, and happy now,
With Jesus by their side.
So let us not weep for our four-legged friends,
For they are in a better place,
Where they run, and play and love,
With a boundless, eternal grace.

Getting Old

Author: B. Bradford

With silver fur and eyes that dim,
Our loyal friends grow old,
Their energy wanes, their step unsure,
But love for us, never grows cold.
Through years of walks and games of fetch,
They've been our constant companion,
But now they sleep more, and tire easily,
Aging, a natural progression.
We see the signs, the wrinkles deep,
The gray around their snout,
But in our hearts, they'll always be,
The same playful pup we once knew.
Though time may take its toll on them,
Their love for us remains the same,
And as we hold their heads in our laps,
We whisper their name.
So let us cherish these golden years,
With our old friends by our side,
For the memories we've shared,
Will forever be our pride.


Author: D. Rollins

There once was a pooch named old Mutt,
Who loved to eat bones and drink nut,
He'd howl at the moon,
And bark at the dune,
Till the neighbors would all say "nuts!"

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