3 Poems About Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are one of the biggest mental health issues there are. So many people struggle with food, and although it is linked with anxiety it can certainly manifest itself in terrifying ways. It can be really hard to know WHY you have issues with eating, and you may feel very isolated and alone.

Poems about eating disorders will help you to understand more about what you are going through, and you might well even learn some useful tools to help you to help yourself while you read them. We have compiled this list to hopefully help you or someone you know, who is going through this debilitating disorder.

Eating problems can be very hard for loved ones to understand, so reading up and finding as much information as possible is key. If you know more about what is going on then you can do more to help.

If you are trying to support a loved one who is struggling, poems about eating disorders can help you to connect with them, and at the very least understand what they are going through. Remember that this is a disease, and something which needs sensitive care and consideration. Poetry can definitely help in this regard.

Poems About Eating Disorders

Poems About Eating Disorders


Author: D. Shaw

A journey filled with ups and downs,
Recovery from eating disorders wears a crown.
It's not an easy path to take,
But with time and support, a healthier me I'll make.
I'm learning to love my body and mind,
And to leave the negative thoughts behind.
I'm finding strength in myself and others,
As I take back control from my eating disorder.
I'm learning to nourish my body and soul,
No longer letting food control my every goal.
I'm taking things one day at a time,
And I'm starting to see a brighter shine.
Recovery is a long and winding road,
But I know I'm carrying a heavy load.
I'm finding hope and courage within,
As I continue on my journey to recovery and win.

Eating Food

Author: K. Burke

Delicious, rich, and oh so sweet,
Eating food is such a treat.
It brings us joy and satisfaction,
Filling our hearts and minds with elation.
From succulent fruits to savory meats,
Food comes in so many different treats.
It nourishes our bodies and souls,
Making us feel whole.
Eating food is a daily delight,
Bringing together friends and family to unite.
It's a time to relax and be merry,
As we savor each and every berry.
So let's raise a glass and give a cheer,
For the joy and love that food brings us year after year.

A Sad Poem

Author: S. Ellis

A body wracked with pain and strife,
A mind consumed by endless night.
Eating disorders take their toll,
Leaving me feeling empty, alone, and cold.
I starve myself for days on end,
Hoping to see a thinner me around the bend.
But the weight keeps creeping up,
No matter how much I sup.
I hate the way I look and feel,
But I can't seem to break this bitter deal.
I'm trapped inside this prison of despair,
Wishing I could just disappear.
Eating disorders are a cruel disease,
Leaving me feeling so incomplete.
I wish I could be free and whole,
But for now, I just have to take it slow.

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