5 Poems About Gold That Will Not Make You Rich

Gold is just one of many minerals that the earth produces, so technically we shouldn’t get too excited about it – but there is just something about this one that gets us all hot under the collar! Gold is a relatively soft metal, that can yield a surprising amount of itself from a small amount (this is how come gold leaf is actually made of gold, and can be bought at relatively inexpensive prices).

Gold symbolizes wealth, royalty and status, and as such we often find ourselves hankering after it. If you love gold but cannot afford any bullion, why not read through our poems about gold? They won’t make you rich, but they also won’t break the bank as much as real gold would!

There are a great many poems about gold out there. It is one of our favorite things to use as jewelry, and wearing it can make us feel like royalty. You may have a friend or family member who yearns after gold in all its forms – you can try giving them a poem about it instead of expensive jewelry. OK, they can’t wear it – but they can still treasure it forever!

Poems About Gold

Poems About Gold


Author: U. Farrell

Golden dreams that drive men wild,
To seek a fortune, strike it rich.
To leave behind the life they've known,
And head out west, where gold is stowed.
With pick and pan, they sift and search,
Through rivers, streams, and rocky perch.
They hope to find that glittering prize,
That fills their hearts with sweet surprise.
But the gold rush brings its share of woes,
As men fight for the precious gold.
They battle nature, and they fight,
For every nugget, every flake, so bright.
Through toil and struggle, they press on,
With visions of wealth that dance upon
Their minds, they brave the scorching sun,
And dig and search till the day is done.
But for some, the gold is never found,
And they return to their home towns.
With nothing but memories to show,
Of the gold rush and the dreams they'd known.
But for those who strike it lucky,
The gold rush brings wealth and fame.
A chance to start anew, a brand new game,
And make a life that's richer, not just in name.

Golden Hour

Author: D. Lee

The golden hour, a time of peace,
When daylight fades and shadows cease.
The sky aglow, in hues of gold,
A tranquil scene, to behold.
The world is hushed, a peaceful calm,
As nature holds its final qualm.
The trees stand still, the air is still,
A momentary pause, until.
The stars appear, one by one,
Twinkling in the sky, like a shining sun.
The moon rises, a gentle light,
Guiding us through the darkest night.
The golden hour, a time of grace,
A reminder of life's transient pace.
So let us pause, and take a breath,
And treasure this moment, before it's death.
For in the golden hour, we find,
A beauty that's both pure and kind.
A reminder to live in the present,
And to cherish the moments, as they're spent.

Gold Diggers

Author: I. Ray

Gold diggers, seekers of wealth,
With eyes on the prize, and nothing else.
They'll charm and deceive, with their words so smooth,
For the sake of the gold, they'll play the game.
They'll flaunt their beauty, and use their wits,
To get what they want, and leave others in fits.
They'll offer sweet promises, that they'll never keep,
And leave a trail of broken hearts, deep.
They're not in it for love, or a true connection,
They're in it for the gold, with no discretion.
They'll use and abuse, and then move on,
Leaving behind, a life that's torn.
But the gold they seek, is not true wealth,
It's a fleeting thing, that brings little health.
For true wealth, is found in the heart,
And not in the gold, that's mined apart.
So beware the gold diggers, and their deceit,
For their love is fleeting, and incomplete.
Seek out the ones, who value your heart,
And not just the gold, that sets them apart.

Golden Retrievers

Author: D. Lee

Golden retrievers, with coats so bright,
Like the sun on a summer day, shining so bright.
Their tails wag, with boundless glee,
Bringing joy and happiness, wherever they be.
Their eyes, like pools of melted gold,
Gaze at us with love, that's never old.
Their loyalty, is truly rare,
A bond, that we all should share.
They're gentle giants, with hearts of gold,
Always ready, to do what they're told.
From fetching sticks, to comforting fears,
They're always there, to dry away our tears.
With a wag of their tail, and a lick on the face,
They brighten up our darkest space.
Golden retrievers, a true treasure,
A friend and companion, beyond measure.
So let us cherish, the golden retrievers,
With their coats shining bright, like the sun, forever.
May their loyalty, love and joy never cease,
Bringing us warmth, love and peace.


Author: R. Sosa

Golden years, a time of rest,
When the hustle and bustle, comes to a nest.
A time to look back, on days gone by,
With memories of laughter, and the occasional sigh.
The wrinkles on the face, a mark of time,
Of the life we've lived, in its prime.
The silver in the hair, a sign of grace,
Of the wisdom we've gained, in this race.
The golden years, a time of peace,
When the mind is calm, and the heart at ease.
A chance to slow down, and take it all in,
To appreciate the beauty, of life's spin.
It's a time to reflect, on what's been done,
To look back, and not regret, none.
For the golden years, are a gift,
A time to live, and to uplift.
So let us embrace, the golden years,
With gratitude, and without fears.
For they are a precious time, to be sure,
Filled with love, and memories, that will endure.

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