7 Poems About Laughter To Raise A Smile

Laughter truly is the best medicine, isn’t it? A good belly laugh every day is immensely good for both your physical and mental health – it’s just a shame that there is often very little to laugh about in this world! If you want to add a good chuckle to your everyday routine, have a look through our list of poems about laughter – hopefully it’ll raise a smile.

Sometimes just the thought of laughing – or witnessing someone else having a giggle – is enough to set us off. Imagine how much greater this effect will be when you are reading about laughter!

Poems about laughter can be a great gift to give to someone who loves to laugh, and conversely they are also great to give to people who never seem to be able to raise a chuckle. Spreading joy and happiness – and laughter – in the world is one of the nicest, most rewarding things you can do, so get out there and spread the word.

These poems might also be a great antidote to things being a bit miserable; it doesn’t have to be a rude limerick in order to make you smile.

Poems About Laughter

Poems About Laughter


Author: Z. Crawford

Laughter and smiles, so simple yet grand
They light up the face, and heal the heart's brand
Bringing joy and delight, chasing away the gloom
Filling hearts with happiness, like the first bloom of spring, they assume
With laughter, the world becomes a better place
It brings people together, in its warm embrace
It erases the lines of color, of religion, of race
It makes life worth living, it puts a smile on every face
A smile is a language, that everyone can understand
It's a sign of friendship, a silent helping hand
A smile can open doors, and make a heart expand
It's a beacon of hope, in a troubled land
So let us laugh and smile, as much as we can
For in this world of sorrow, it's a healing balm
A reminder that there's still beauty, in this mortal realm
And together we'll make the world a happier home.

Best Medicine

Author: E. Patterson

Laughter is the best medicine, so they say
It's a cure for the blues, it chases the gray
It's a natural remedy, for the weary mind
A soothing balm, for the wounds of mankind.
With laughter, the heart becomes light
It banishes fear and eases the fight
It helps us to see, the humor in life
And to find joy, in the midst of strife.
It has the power, to lift the spirit high
And to bring people together, under the same sky
It's contagious, a smile begets a smile
Laughter echoes on, for miles and miles.
So when troubles come, and the world feels dark
Just remember, laughter is the spark
That can light the fire, and bring the cheer
Laughter is the best medicine, my dear.
Let it flow, from the depths of the soul
It's a reminder, that life is beautiful, whole
So laugh and laugh again, let it ring
For laughter is the best medicine, it's the ultimate healing.

With Friends

Author: A. Watkins

Laughter with friends, a symphony of sound
Echoes of joy, that ring all around
It's a bond that ties, a connection true
A memory, that will forever blue.
With friends, the laughter comes easy and free
A release of happiness, wild and carefree
It's a language, that needs no translation
A feeling that, unites the nation.
With friends by your side, all troubles cease
A side-splitting joke, brings a moment of peace
The worries of life, fade away in an instant
And joy and love, become the constant.
Laughter with friends, creates a sacred space
A place of acceptance, without any trace of race
A bond of trust, it's a promise of always
A memory, that will forever raise.
So let us laugh and laugh with our friends,
For in laughter and joy, true friendship mends.
For laughter is not just sound, but an emotion
That brings people together, and in that unity,
they find their devotion.


Author: L. Moreno

Laughter and love, a perfect pair
Together they, life's troubles repair
With love in our hearts, and laughter on our lips
We can face the world, with a courage that never dips.
For laughter is the music of the soul
It makes our hearts, young and whole
It's a reminder, that life is but a fleeting show
And love is the light, that helps us grow.
And love is the glue, that holds us tight
It's the shelter from the storm, it's the warm candlelight
It's the comfort in the dark, and the hope in the day
It's the feeling that never fades, it's here to stay.
Laughter and love, are the wings we need to fly
To reach new heights, and touch the sky
Together they make life, worth living
And the world a beautiful place, worth giving.
So let us laugh and love, with all our might
For in this life, that's the truest right
For laughter and love, are the keys to happiness
Let them guide our way, to a state of blissfulness.


Author: M. Trevino

Laughter and sorrow, two sides of the same coin
One brings light, the other brings gloom and destroys
Yet both are a part of life, and can't be avoided
They both shape us, they both make us who we are.
Laughter is the spark, that ignites the soul
It's the medicine, that makes us whole
It brings us together, in a joyful tune
And fills our hearts, with a light that shines like a moon.
But sorrow comes in too, like the tide
It ebbs and flows, it cannot be denied
It brings pain, and tears, and a heavy heart
But in its depths, we learn, how to be strong and smart.
For in sorrow, we find the strength to endure
We learn to survive, we learn to be pure
We find the resilience, to rise again
And laughter becomes sweeter, in the end.
So let us embrace, both laughter and sorrow
For they make us human, they make us who we are today.
It's the balance of emotions that makes us alive
And in that balance, we find a way to thrive.


Author: M. Trevino

Laughter and death, intertwined in life
One brings light, the other brings night
One a celebration, the other a release
But both a part of the journey, that never cease.
Laughter echoes in the halls of the living
A sign of joy, of love and forgiving
It's a reminder to cherish, every precious breath
For death will come, it's a promise, not a threat.
But death arrives, in its own time
It's the end of our journey, the final chime
It takes us from the laughter and the light
But it's a passage, to the afterlife.
In death, we find peace, and release
From the struggles, the pain and the grief
And the laughter echoes in our memories
A reminder of the love, that will forever be.
So let us laugh, while we can, let us love
For it is the memories, that death cannot take above.
Laughter and death, may seem unrelated
But in life, they are intertwined, intertwined, fated.


Author: M. Trevino

Laughter and tears, a curious pair
One brings joy, the other despair
One a release, the other a weight
But both part of the human fate.
Laughter bubbles up, like a spring
It's a symphony, joyous and ringing
A reminder of the beauty of life
A momentary respite from the strife.
But tears come too, like the rain
Washing away, the hurt and the pain
They fall from eyes, a sign of the heart's lament
And show the depth, of the soul's content
Tears and laughter, may seem at odds
But they are both, natural and valid nods
To the range of emotions, that we all feel
And the depth of experiences, that are real.
So let us laugh, and let us cry
For in both we can find, healing and sigh
Laughter and tears, may seem unrelated
But in our lives, they are intertwined, forever fated.

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