Poems About Lions To Tap Into The Leonine Side Of Your Nature

Lions are known as the “King of Cats” – and for good reason. They are strong, pretty much fearless, can bring down prey much larger than themselves, and they have a very closely knit family. Who doesn’t want to aspire to be a lion? Poems about lions can often be a great way to tap into the more Leonine side of your nature.

Poetry can really touch the soul, so if you have been looking to channel a little more lion on your life, then our list of poems about lions are what you have been looking for.

It may be that you, or a friend or family member just really likes lions! In that case, what better thing could you do with your time than browse through our list of poetry about our most famous big cat?

Read about their lives; learn their habits; lose yourself in the mind of one of the most efficient hunters on the planet. Reading about lions can also help you to feel better about your own life – after all, they don’t succeed in every hunt, and they do like to sleep a lot… What’s not to love about these overgrown pussy cats?

Poems About Lions

Poems About Lions

African King

Author: R. Cliff

Proud and strong, the lion roars
His mane a golden crown
He rules the savannah, wild and free
A true king, unbound
With piercing eyes that seem to see
Into the very soul
He stalks his prey with stealth and grace
A hunter, whole and whole
But he's not just a fearsome beast
He's also a loving mate
He cares for his pride with all his might
A true and noble fate
So let us honor this great cat
Whose strength and beauty shine
The lion, king of all the land
Forever wild and divine

Lion’s Love

Author: J. Sterling

Lions, fierce and strong and true
Their love is fierce and wild
A bond that lasts a lifetime through
Their hearts, forever entwined
They roam the savannah, side by side
Their roar a testament to love
They stand united, side by side
A bond that's sent from above
Their love is pure, it knows no bounds
It's a love that's meant to be
A love that grows with each new day
A love that's wild and free
So let us honor these great cats
Whose love is strong and pure
Their bond a shining beacon of hope
A love that will endure.


Author: Unknow

Majestic lion roars
Golden mane a crown of pride
King of all the land

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