5 Poems About Loyalty No Mater What

If you want to know about loyalty, you look to your beloved partner, right? And if you don’t have one of these, how about the family dog? Or surely you have a friend who has stuck with you through thick and thin – or maybe you yourself are the example of loyalty! However you experience it in your real life, poems about loyalty are sure to strike a note with you.

Perhaps you want to read about it in order to become more so, or maybe you want to gift a poem to someone who has always been there for you, not mater what. Whatever your reasons for wanting to read poems about loyalty, you are certain to find what you are looking for in our list of fantastic poems on this interesting subject.

As you read through this list, it is a great chance to reflect on what the concept means to you – does it mean guarding secrets? Staying with someone to support them through a break up? Standing up for a friend who is getting bullied? Whatever your thoughts on loyalty, chances are there is a poem about it, so settle down with a cuppa and read on.

Poems About Loyalty

Poems About Loyalty


Author: N. Ellis

Loyalty and trust, two virtues rare and true,
Are bonds that hold us fast and make us whole,
They lift us up when we are feeling blue,
And give us strength to weather any toll.
Loyalty is a promise we make,
To stand by those we love through thick and thin,
It's a devotion that we freely take,
To be there for our friends through thick or thin.
Trust is a fragile thing, yet it's so strong,
It's the foundation of a lasting bond,
When trust is broken, the damage is long,
But when it's kept, it's the sweetest reward.
So let us hold these virtues close to heart,
And nurture them with love, until the end.


Author: V. Heath

Loyalty and friendship, two of life's greatest gifts,
Are bonds that bring us joy and comfort too,
They lift us up when we are feeling low,
And give us strength to see our dreams come true.
Loyalty is a promise we make,
To stand by those we love through thick and thin,
It's a devotion that we freely take,
To be there for our friends through thick or thin.
Friendship is a bond that's built on trust,
A bond that grows with every shared experience,
It's a feeling of belonging, a bond that must
Be nurtured with care and patience.
So let us cherish loyalty and friendship,
And nurture them with love, until the end.


Author: C. Gonzalez

Loyalty and betrayal, two sides of the coin,
One brings us joy, the other heartache and pain,
Loyalty is a promise we make,
A vow to stand by those we love and support.
But betrayal is a treacherous thing,
It tears apart the bonds that once were strong,
It breaks our trust and makes our hearts sting,
Leaving us feeling lost and alone.
Yet even in the face of betrayal,
We must hold onto loyalty's light,
For it's the shining beacon that will
Lead us through the darkest of nights.
So let us hold onto loyalty tight,
And let betrayal pass us by,
For in the end, loyalty's might
Will always win and never die.


Author: M. Mcclure

There once was a couple so true,
Their loyalty never wavered, it grew,
They stood by each other,
Through stormy weather,
And their love continued to renew.
They faced every challenge with grace,
And their bond only grew stronger in its place,
They were loyal and true,
Their love shining through,
A relationship that was meant to be.
So let us all learn from this pair,
That loyalty and love make a great pair,
For when we stand by each other,
We weather any storm,
And our love will always be there.


Author: Unknown

Loyalty to family,
A bond that runs deep and true,
Unbreakable love.

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