3 Poems About Monsters That Are Creepy Enough

“Monsters under the bed” are something that we are all familiar with, right? Whether you remember being scared of monsters as a child, or whether you have a small person who cannot sleep without the light on for fear of things that go bump in the night, poems about monsters might just be the answer.

If we make things that we are scared of funny, or normal, then they suddenly become much less scary – that’s where our collection comes in. We can guarantee that you won’t be scared after you’ve read some funny words about monsters!

Poetry is a great way to connect with people, and a great way to embed ideas. It works better than simply talking, in many cases – so poetry can help some people sort out their feelings and even get over their worries. It can also help people to feel more normal – if we know that others share our fears then we can feel less alone.

Reading poems about monsters to your kids as a bedtime treat just might help them sleep a little better. But we cannot stop them getting up twelve times a night asking for a drink of water, sorry about that!

Poems About Monsters

Poems About Monsters


Author: N. Ellis

Deep in the depths of my soul
Lies a monster, dark and cold
It whispers lies and feeds on fear
Bringing chaos, always near
It tells me I am not enough
That I'll forever be stuck
In a prison of my own mind
With these monsters, I am confined
But I won't let them define me
I'll fight and set my spirit free
For though they may be part of me
I am the master, they will see
So let the monsters rage and roar
For I will not be their pawn anymore
I'll face them head on with my strength
And banish them to a place at length
For the monsters within may be fierce
But my will to overcome is even more fierce.

Under The Bed

Author: N. Ellis

Monsters under the bed, hiding in the dark
Creeping and crawling, they leave their mark
Fears and doubts that linger in the night
Making sleep a most unwelcome sight
They lurk and wait for us to close our eyes
To steal our peace and make us cry
But I will not let them win this fight
I'll chase away these monsters with all my might
I'll build a fortress, strong and tall
To keep the monsters at bay, once and for all
I'll arm myself with courage and with love
And banish the monsters to the heavens above
For under the bed, they may seem so big and strong
But with a brave heart, they can do no wrong
So when the night falls, and shadows creep
I'll face the monsters and make them weak
For the monsters under the bed may be real,
But with courage and love, they can be seal.

Sea Monsters

Author: N. Ellis

Deep in the ocean's abyssal depths
Lies a creature, with secrets kept
A monster of the sea, so grand and fierce
With tentacles that reach and a maw that pierces
It lurks in the shadows, waiting to prey
On ships and sailors, who dare to stray
Into its territory, where none return
For the sea monster, is a hunter that yearns
But legends say, that it's not all true
For the sea monster, is also a savior too
Guarding the ocean's secrets and treasures untold
And punishing those who seek to behold
So when you sail the seas, don't be afraid
For the sea monster may be the one to save
Your ship from the storms and the raging tide
And lead you to safety on the other side
For the sea monster may be a beast
But it's also a protector, at the least.

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