5 Poems About New Beginnings To Start Your Life Afresh

Starting afresh can be exciting, and feel as though you are really getting on with your life and doing what you have been desperate to do. However, a whole new start can also be pretty scary, can’t it? If you are feeling a little adrift, have a look through our poems about new beginnings – hopefully this will reinspire you and remind you why you are ready to make a fresh start.

Even if your clean slate is exactly what you wanted, it can still feel a little daunting to start completely from the beginning. And, if your new beginning was not initiated by you this can feel even more scary!

But, there are a great many people who have experienced this before you, and many of them have put their feelings and actions into words that can help to inspire and comfort you, and maybe even give you some tips on how to start a new life with the minimal disruption.

Poems about new beginnings can really help you to start your life afresh, no matter the reasons behind it. Have a look through our list and see if you can find a poem that chimes with you.

Poems About New Beginnings

Poems About New Beginnings


Author: T. Butler

New beginnings, a chance to start anew
To leave behind the old, the tried, the true
To embrace the unknown, the untested, the new
To find our way, to grow, to renew
Our sense of purpose, our sense of self
To let go of the past, to find something to keep
Something fresh, something exciting, something bold
Something that makes our hearts and minds unfold
Change can be hard, it can be scary
But it's also necessary, it's a must, it's merry
For without change, we'd be stuck in the same place
Trapped, stagnant, with a lack of grace
So embrace new beginnings, embrace change
It may be tough, but it's worth the exchange
For with new beginnings comes growth, comes hope
Comes a chance to live, to love, to cope.


Author: K. Payne

New beginnings in love can be scary, it's true
But they can also be exciting, something new
A chance to start over, to find happiness
To leave behind the pain, the hurt, the stress
Of past relationships, to find something true
Something that makes our hearts feel brand new
A love that's strong, a love that's true
A love that makes our lives feel brand new
It takes courage to open up our hearts
To embrace the unknown, to make a new start
But new beginnings in love are worth the risk
For they bring joy, they bring happiness, they bring bliss
So don't be afraid to take the leap
To find new love, to find some peace
For new beginnings in love are a beautiful thing
A chance to grow, to live, to sing.


Author: D. King

New beginnings in life can be scary
But they can also be exciting, merry
A chance to start over, to find our way
To leave behind the past, to embrace the new day
It takes courage to embrace the unknown
To take a chance, to make a new home
But new beginnings bring growth, bring hope
They bring a chance to live, to cope
With the challenges that come our way
They bring a chance to find our say
In the world, to make a mark, to be
Someone new, someone true, someone free
So don't be afraid to embrace new beginnings
To find your path, to find your meaning
For new beginnings in life are a beautiful thing
A chance to grow, to live, to sing.

At School

Author: A. Rubio

There once was a student so keen
Who was excited for his new school scene
He packed up his bags, he said goodbye
To the old school, to the old lies
He embraced the unknown, the new, the fresh
He was ready for a brand new mesh
Of friends, of classes, of experiences
He was ready for some new defenses
Against the challenges that lay ahead
He was ready to learn, to grow, to shed
The old ways, the old habits, the old fears
He was ready for new beginnings, new cheers
So don't be afraid to embrace new beginnings
At school, or in life, it's an exciting thing
It brings growth, it brings hope, it brings new friends
It's a chance to live, to learn, to mend.

At Work

Author: Unknown

Fresh start, new job, hope
Embrace the unknown, work hard
New beginnings, grow.

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