3 Poems About New Relationship To Give Yourself A Taste Of It

Ahh, that new relationship feeling – the entire world seems brighter and more colorful; birds seem to sing more sweetly and food is the tastiest manna from heaven, even if it’s a slightly stale cheese sandwich… Hopefully you have experienced this delightful feeling at some point in your life, and if you have not then have a read through our poems about new relationship, to give yourself a taste of it!

Poems are a great way to communicate too, so if you are enjoying a new relationship and want to share your joy with your partner, why not go through the list together, wrapped up in your new love?

If you are someone who has never had a relationship and you want to know what it feels like, these poems are great for this too – just remember that everyone’s experience is different, and that there is no right or wrong.

Some of these poems are funny; some are sad, some are poignant – all come from the writer’s own experiences, so they are definitely authentic. If you want to have a little smile about all the love there is in this world, then read on…

Poems About New Relationship

Poems About New Relationship

New Love Beginnings

Author: S. Ellis

As the sun rises on a new day
Our hearts beat with excitement and sway
A love that's fresh, pure, and true
A feeling that's brand new
We hold hands and walk through the park
Our hearts and minds in sync, no need to talk
We feel alive and free
This love, it's meant to be
We laugh and smile, we dance and sing
Our love, it's the most wonderful thing
We never want this feeling to end
This love, it's just beginning to mend
We dream of a future filled with love and light
A journey that will be worth the fight
We'll face challenges and we'll overcome
Our love, it will always be fun
So here's to new love, fresh and true
A feeling that's brand new
May it bring us joy and happiness
And a love that will never miss.

Distance Relationship

Author: S. Ellis

Distance can be hard, it's true
But our love will see us through
No matter the miles that lay between
Our love will remain strong, it will never wane
We may not be able to touch or hold each other tight
But our love, it gives us the strength to fight
We'll face the distance with grace and hope
Our love will help us cope
We'll stay connected through calls and texts
Our love will overcome all the tests
We'll make time to see each other, no matter the cost
Our love will never be lost
We'll create memories and build a life
Our love will conquer all strife
We'll make the most of every moment we share
Our love will always be there
So here's to distance love, a special kind
It takes patience, trust, and an open mind
But it's worth it, every single day
Our love will find a way.

Fighting For Love

Author: P. Smalling

Love is a battle, a constant fight
It takes strength and courage to make it right
But I'll fight for you, my love, with all my might
I'll stand by you, through the day and through the night
I'll be your shield, your armor and your sword
I'll fight for our love, with all my will and more
I'll be your rock, your support and your reward
I'll fight for us, until our love is restored
I know that love can be tough and rough
It takes time and effort, it's not always smooth
But I'm willing to fight, I've had enough
Of letting love slip away, it's time to prove
So let's fight for love, with all our might
Let's stand together, let's win this fight
I'll be by your side, through thick and thin
Our love will thrive, let's let it begin.

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