5 Poems About Owls To Pay Tribute To Them

Owls are an incredibly symbolic bird, and as such they lend themselves very well to poetry. Describing their nobility, wisdom, beauty, and the grace of their flight is pretty much what poetry’s all about, right? If you haven’t ever read any poems about owls, then you’re in for a treat today – we have gathered together a collection of our favorites for you to have a browse through.

These poems are ideal for the bird enthusiast in your life – the one who carries binoculars everywhere with them and hope to spot an elusive or unusual winged creature. Or, if that’s you yourself, then settle back and enjoy – this will be just what you are looking for!

Poems about owls are not necessarily just about the physical characteristics of these mysterious birds, but often focus on the myths and legends that have surrounded these creatures for centuries. Owls have fascinated – and frightened – humans forever, so what better way to pay tribute to them than with a poem?

If you are interested in owls, or poetry, or you just need to find an unusual gift for an ornithologist, you can do no better than sitting down with a cuppa and having a read of our favorite poems about this wise old bird.

Poems About Owls

poems about owls


Author: H. Hickman

Silent night, moonlit skies
Owls hoot, a serenade of sighs
Their eyes, wise and knowing
Their wings, soft and glowing
In the trees, they sit and wait
For their love, to arrive at their gate
With a call, a hoot, a gentle trill
They express their love, with all their will
Their love is true, and pure, and deep
In their bond, there is no sleep
Together they soar, through the night
Their love, a guiding light
So let us learn from the owl's love
That true love, is something to be cherished and above
For in the end, it's all we have
Love, the true meaning of life to grasp.


Author: J. Paul

Owls, with eyes so bright and wise
Their gaze, a window to the skies
In the dark, they see so clear
Their wisdom, a thing to hold dear
Their heads, they turn with such grace
Their movements, a silent pace
They watch and listen, all around
Their wisdom, a treasure to be found
In the trees, they sit so still
Their wisdom, a hidden thrill
Their hoots, a call to all who hear
Their wisdom, a message loud and clear
So let us learn from the owl's ways
Their wisdom, a thing to be praised
For in the dark, they see so well
Their wisdom, a story to tell.


Author: L. Barron

Owls, with feathers soft and warm
Their lives, a journey through the storm
In the night, they take to flight
Their lives, a thing of beauty, pure and bright
They glide through the sky so still
Their lives, a silent thrill
Their hoots, a call to all who hear
Their lives, a song of love and cheer
In the trees, they rest and wait
Their lives, a journey to fate
Their eyes, wise and ever-knowing
Their lives, a story worth showing
So let us learn from the owl's life
That each day is worth the strife
For in the end, it's all we have
Life, a precious thing to hold dear and hold fast.

Barn Owls

Author: Z. Meza

Barn Owls, with feathers white and soft
Their wings, a silent, ghostly aloft
In the night, they hunt and fly
Their beauty, a sight to the eye
Their hoots, a call in the dark
Their presence, a harbinger of stark
Their hearts, beating with fierce intent
Their hunt, a skill that's heaven-sent
In the barns, they make their home
Their presence, a farmer's boon
Their diet mainly composed of mice
Their hunting a natural nice
So let us learn from the barn owl's grace
Their beauty and skill, a wondrous space
For in the night, they reign supreme
Barn Owls, a symbol of nature's scheme.


Author: Unknown

Silent night owl's call
Echoes through the dark woods deep
Nature's symphony

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