5 Poems About Regret To Help You Feel Better

Regret is one of the worst feelings out there. Whether it’s regretting doing something or regretting NOT doing something, regret can make us feel incredibly uncomfortable. Obviously, the best thing to do is never do anything that you regret, but as this is just about impossible in life, you should have a read through our poems about regret.

These can help you to feel slightly better about something that has happened to you or that you have done, and if not then at least you will realize that you are not alone.

Everyone in the whole world has done things that they wish they hadn’t, there’s just about no way of avoiding this. However, the way you deal with it can mean the difference between beating yourself up for the rest of time, and gracefully letting it go. Poems about regret are actually a really good way of dealing with having done something you wish you hadn’t.

You may even find some useful tools to help you deal with the issue and move on with your life. Rather than shutting yourself away from society for fear you might do something you wish you hadn’t, have a read through our collection instead.

Poems About Regret

Poems About Regret


Author: G. Smith

Regret and love, two sides of the same coin
One fills us with sadness, the other with joy
We all have regrets, things we wish we could undo
But love helps us heal, and start anew
Love can conquer all, even the deepest regret
It can mend broken hearts, and make them whole again
For when we love, we open ourselves up
To the possibility of healing and love's warm cup
So don't let regret, consume your heart
For love is waiting, to make a new start
Embrace it fully, and let it shine
For it is the strongest, most beautiful of all kinds


Author: C. McBride

I cheated and I regret it now
The guilt weighs heavy on my brow
I know I should have been more true
To the one I said "I love you"
I let temptation lead me astray
And now I wish I could just turn back the day
To before I made that fateful choice
To raise my voice in a joyous rejoice
But now, all that is left is pain
As I try to explain
To the one I hurt, my foolish deed
And beg for their forgiveness, plead
I wish I could take it all back
But the damage is done, the bridge is cracked
All I can do is try to make amends
And hope for a love that never ends
So I'll spend my days in penitence
Hoping for a second chance to prove my love's existence
And though I know it won't be easy
I'll do whatever it takes to make things right, oh so queasy
For the love I have is true
And I vow to be faithful, anew

Break Up

Author: J. Doyle

I regret the day we said goodbye
I regret the pain I caused you, my love, oh so true
I regret the words that cut like a knife
I regret the end of our life
We were once so full of love and light
But now, all that remains is the endless night
I wish I could go back and change it all
But the past is set, the future a wall
I miss your touch, your smile, your kiss
I miss the way we were, the love we missed
I miss the way you made me feel alive
I miss the way you were always by my side
But now, all that is left is regret
As I try to forget
The mistakes I made, the love I lost
And pay the cost
So I'll spend my days in sorrow
Hoping for a chance to borrow
A moment of your time, a chance to say
I'm sorry, please forgive me, in every single way


Author: A. Sharma

I regret the words I left unsaid
As I lay here, alone, and cold in my bed
I regret the love I never showed
And the time we had, I let it go
I regret the moments I took for granted
As the time we had, now feels stranded
I regret the things I should have done
But now, it's too late, my time has come
Death is knocking at my door
And all I'm left with is regret, oh so raw
I wish I could go back and do it all again
But now, it's too late, my time is at an end
So I'll lay here, in my final rest
With regrets I can no longer confess
But I'll go with a heart full of love
For the ones I left behind, from up above

No Regrets

Author: S. Ellis

I have lived my life, with no regret
I have followed my heart, and never fret
I have taken chances, and grabbed the reins
I have lived life, without any pains
I have made mistakes, but learned from them too
I have loved and lost, but I always knew
That life is full of twists and turns
But through it all, my spirit burns
I have lived my life, with no apologies
I have been true to myself, and you see
That I have no regrets, no guilt, no shame
I have lived my life, and done the same
So I'll keep living, each and every day
I'll keep smiling, and make my own way
I'll keep moving forward, with my head held high
I'll keep living, with no regrets, goodbye!

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