9 Poems About Running That You Will Love

Some people love running, some people hate it. Whatever your feelings about it, you should give poems about running a go – they can be funny, witty, inspirational – and you never know, they may just give you the motivation to get off the couch and start training!

Some descriptive writings about this pastime can give you a real feeling of the place they are describing, which can be an inspiration to go running there one day – it’s always good to have a bucket list, right?

Poems about jogging, marathons or sprinting, in some cases, can help you get through a long and difficult run; they rhythm of the words can help you to get your own rhythm sorted so you are running as efficiently as you can.

If you love running, you should definitely have a look through our lists. And if you just can’t bear to get your trainers or shoes on and join a local running group, maybe you have friends or family who would love a little extra inspiration?

You can write it out for them on a pretty card, or yell it to them from behind the finishing line – whichever way you enjoy these poems, you definitely won’t miss a step!

Poems About Running

Poems About Running


Author: P. Quirke

We held hands and ran away
Into the night, just you and me
A wild adventure, full of hope
And the promise of what could be
We laughed and loved
And never looked back
As we ran towards the unknown
Free from the chains that held us down
We were unstoppable, you and me
Together, we could take on the world
And nothing could stand in our way
As we ran, hand in hand
Towards our future, bright and free
We were unstoppable, you and me
Running away together.

Running Free

Author: S. Fry

Running, running,
Through the streets and fields,
Breathless and exhilarated,
Heart pounding and muscles straining,
The wind in my hair and the sun on my face,
I feel alive and free,
As I push myself to the limit,
And embrace the joy of the run.

Away From Fears

Author: T. Walsh

I ran away from all my fears
From the doubts that lingered in my head
I ran until my legs gave out
And I fell to the ground, panting and spent
But as I lay there, catching my breath
I realized I had found my strength
In the act of running away
I had escaped from all that held me back
So I stood up, dusting myself off
And continued on my journey
Leaving behind the fears and doubts
As I ran towards a brighter future.


Author: T. Curry

The starting line is in sight
My heart is beating fast
I'm ready to give it my all
As I prepare to run this race
The gun goes off and I take flight
My feet pounding the pavement
I'm in the zone, focused and strong
Determined to reach the end
The cheers of the crowd fill my ears
As I push myself to the limit
I can feel the burn in my muscles
But I keep going, driven by the thrill
The finish line is in sight
And I give it my all
As I cross the threshold
Victorious and exhausted
I did it, I ran the race
And I couldn't be prouder
Of the strength and endurance
I never knew I had.

Out Of Time

Author: G. Shelley

As the sands of time slip through
I feel the pressure mounting
A race against the clock, I'm losing
My time is running out
With each passing moment
I'm closer to the end
I try to hold on tight
But I can't stop time's relentless flight
It slips away, a forgotten dream
And I'm left with nothing but regret
For all the time I wasted
And all the things I never got to do
In the end, we're all just running
Out of time.

Away From Reality

Author: S. Ellis

In a world of make believe
I run from all that's real
To a land of fantasy
Where I can escape the pain
And forget about my fears
But no matter how fast I run
Reality is always there
Chasing me down
Tugging at my heels
And reminding me
That I can't hide forever
In the end, I must face the truth
And confront the world I left behind
For though I may run
Reality is always one step behind.

Towards Destiny

Author: J. Hallett

Pounding the pavement,
Flying past the trees,
The rhythm of my feet
Matching the beat of my heart,
I am a runner,
Bold and fearless,
Chasing my dreams
And pushing myself to the limit,
With every step I take,
I become stronger and faster,
And nothing can hold me back,
As I run towards my destiny.


Author: J. Harlow

I try to run away
From the problems that plague me
But no matter how fast I go
They always seem to catch up
Haunting me, taunting me
Reminding me of all I left behind
I try to outrun my fears
But they are always there
Chasing me, haunting me
Until I'm forced to face the truth
That running away won't solve anything
And the only way to escape
Is to confront my problems head on
And face them, once and for all.

Cross Country

Author: S. Ellis

The wind rushes past my face
As I pound the ground with each step
The world blurs by in a blur of color
And my heart beats like a drum
I'm running, running
As fast as I can go
Through fields and forests, hills and valleys
I'm pushing myself, to the limit and beyond
With each mile that I cover
I feel stronger, faster, better
And though I may be tired and sore
I know that I can go on
For I am a runner, born to run
And this is my race, my time to shine
I am running cross country,
And nothing can stop me now.

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