5 Poems About Sailing For Those Who Dream

Sailing is one of those things that many of us dream of… The open sea, the freedom, the smell of the salt in the air! For others, it can be a nightmare of seasickness, bad weather and being miserable! Whichever one of these people you are, or even if you’re somewhere in the middle, you need poems about sailing in your life.

These can be funny, poignant, descriptive or explanatory – just about anything to do with sailing, we have got covered with our list. These are great inspiration for if you have been thinking about taking up sailing as a hobby, or you are embarking on a trip with friends for the first time – or you just like to read about these things and practice escapism!

Poetry is also a wonderful thing to read whilst actually being on a boat; just be careful that the gentle rocking motion and the peace that inevitably comes from reading good poetry doesn’t lull you to sleep and you end up in the sea!

Poems about sailing are great for those who dream about it as well as those who live it – we can guarantee that you will find what you are looking for.

Poems About Sailing

Poems about sailing

Sailing Away

Author: M. Trout

Sailing away, on a boat so grand
Leaving the shore, and all that's planned
The wind in my hair, and the sun on my face
As I set out on a new, exciting race
The waves may be rough, and the sea may be wild
But I'll face them all, with a heart full and mild
For there is something about sailing away
That fills me with a sense of freedom, and a feeling of play
And as I sail on, into the unknown
I'll embrace all that comes, and I'll never be alone
For with the wind in my sails, and the sun on my face
I'll sail away, to a new, exciting place.

Sailing and Death

Author: S. Ellis

There once was a sailor named Dave
Whose death on the sea was quite grave
His ship hit a rock
And sank like a block
Now Dave's just a ghost in a wave.

Love Is Enough

Author: D. Craig

As I sail on the open sea
The wind in my hair, and you next to me
The waves may be rough
But our love is enough
To weather any storm that may be
The sun on our faces, the salt in the air
We hold on to each other without a care
For in this moment, just you and me
Nothing else matters, just you and me
We'll sail on together, through calm and through strife
Our love will be our compass and guide
No matter where the winds may blow
As long as we have each other, we'll never be alone
So let's set sail on the open sea
And let our love be our guiding star
For as long as we're together, nothing can stop us
We'll weather any storm, and we'll reach our hearts' desire.

Sailing Ships

Author: T. Cook

There once was a ship that could sail
With a grand billowing mast and a flail
It cut through the waves
With a graceful grace
And left all the other ships pale
It glided across the ocean blue
With a speed and a grace that was new
And as it sailed on
It sang a sweet song
That echoed across the waves, too
But alas, all good things must come to an end
And the ship, it did meet its demise
It ran into a rock, and down it did go
But its legacy lives on, don't you know
For though it may be gone, it's not forgotten
This mighty ship that once sailed the seas
And so it lives on, in legend and song
A reminder of the power of the sea.


Author: Unknown

Sailing boats, they glide so gracefully
Cutting through the waves, so effortlessly
With a gentle sway, and a billowing sail
They dance across the water, without any fail
They are a sight to behold, with their elegant form
As they glide across the sea, in a graceful swarm
Their beauty is unmatched, and their grace is divine
As they sail across the ocean, so effortlessly fine
And as I watch them go, I can't help but feel
A sense of awe and wonder, that is so surreal
For there is something about sailing boats
That fills me with a joy, that nothing else evokes.

Did you like any of these? Please leave a comment if you you did. And if you’re looking for more beautiful poems, you can check out these about running.

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