3 Poems About Seasons To Celebrate Life

Although the changing seasons is something that we take for granted, it is actually pretty magical. How the world keeps turning, the weather keeps changing, the plants keep growing and dying – it’s the whole cycle of life! Poems about seasons are something which celebrates the changing cycles of the planet, and they can describe the changing weather and plant and animal life perfectly.

This collection of poems is great if you are someone who is fascinated by the changing of the world. It’s also great to remind us of how amazing our planet is!

You may be someone who lives for the summer, or someone who just loves the chilly cold winter – whatever your favorite season, you can definitely find the perfect poem about it! Poems about seasons can also help you to see the beauty of ALL the seasons, not just your favorite one – there is always something to love about how the world around us changes on a regular basis.

This collection is also great for teaching children about what happens during different parts of the year – and also great for introducing them to the magic of poetry at an early age!

Poems About Seasons

Poems About Seasons


Author: N. Ellis

Seasons of life, they come and go
Like the leaves that fall, to and fro
In spring, we're young and full of life
In summer, we flourish and thrive
In autumn, we grow wiser with age
In winter, we reflect on the past page
But no matter the season, no matter the weather
We must embrace change and go on together
For life is a cycle, a never-ending dance
And each season brings new opportunities to enhance
So let us embrace each season, with open hearts and minds
And make the most of every moment, one day at a time


Author: P. Nicoli

As seasons change, the world is reborn
Green leaves replace the snow and ice
Flowers bloom and birds take flight, adorned
In colors bright, they're quite a sight
The air is warm and full of life
Birds chirp and bees buzz about
Children play, free from care and strife
The world is new, there's no doubt
But as the days grow shorter, we know
That winter's icy grip is on its way
Leaves turn to gold, then brown and go
The world is dying, in slow decay
But death is just a part of life's great plan
For with the spring, new life begins again

For Kindergarten

Author: Unknown

Seasons, seasons, four in all
Spring, summer, fall, and winter's call
But how to remember, which is which
I'll tell you now, so listen up quick
Spring is when the flowers start to bloom
The air is warm, the days are long
Birds chirp and sing, a sweet, sweet tune
The world awakens, with a joyful song
Summer is hot, the days are long
We play and swim, and eat ice cream
The sun is bright, and oh so strong
But we have fun, it's a special dream
Fall is when the leaves turn gold
They crunch beneath our feet, so bold
We wear jackets, and drink hot cocoa
And watch the sun set, a beautiful show
Winter is cold, the days are short
We wear warm clothes, and build forts
We sled and ski, and have snowball fights
But most of all, we have Christmas delights
So now you know, the seasons four
Spring, summer, fall, winter, never a bore
Just remember, the fun and the facts
And you'll never mix them up, that's a pact

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