3 Poems About Self Love To Look After Yourself More

Self love is an essential part of life. After all, if you are not looking after yourself, then you cannot look after anyone else! Poems about self love might help to encourage you to spend a bit more time on You, rather than Everyone Else.

Alternatively, if you have a friend who is always running around after other people, you could show them this collection to encourage them to take some time for themselves. Sometimes, looking after ourselves is the best gift that we can give – both to ourselves and to other people.

Poetry can often reach people in ways that other writing and words cannot, so reading poetry – either in your head or out loud – can get some messages across that might otherwise be missed. Poems about self love can actually help someone to love themselves more – or at least take a little time out for themselves.

What better way to practice a bit of self care by making a nice cuppa, and relaxing on the sofa reading a collection of wonderful poetry? If you figure it out, do let me know – I just can’t imagine anything nicer to do!

Poems About Self Love

Self Love and Healing

Author: D. Stout

Self love and healing go hand in hand,
A journey towards a better state of mind.
It starts with learning to accept who we are,
Our flaws and mistakes left far behind.
We must forgive ourselves for past mistakes,
And let go of the guilt and pain they bring.
We must be kind to ourselves, give and take,
And love ourselves, despite the little things.
We must prioritize our own well-being,
And make self care a daily routine.
We must take time to rest, to laugh, to sing,
And let go of all the things that cause us to lean.
Self love and healing take time and effort,
But the reward is a life that's truly worth it.

Limerick about Self Love

Author: A. Fry

There once was a person who learned to love themselves
It took some time, but they did it, no one else
They stopped all the doubt
And figured things out
Now they're happy and healthy, no one can top this!


Author: Unknown

Self love blooms bright
Like a sunflower in summer
Nourishing the soul

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