3 Poems About Self Worth To Do Better In Our Lives

Poetry is a really wonderful device for opening the mind, allowing new thoughts and ideas in, and for inspiring us to do better in our lives. With that in mind, reading poems about self worth can be really helpful in aiding you to develop this is your everyday life.

Poetry is different to a self help manual, in that everyone interprets the poems differently. Reading written words about self worth can really help you to unlock your own individual feelings of worthiness, and can help you apply these feelings to your life.

Just imagine being able to suddenly develop the skill of feeling good about yourself! As most of us know, this is definitely a skill, and one that it can be quite hard to master.

Feeling worthy in our everyday life can help us enormously as we struggle with the day to day, and it is all too easy to fall into the trap of believing that we are not good enough.

Poetry can teach us a lot of things, but can it actually teach us to love ourselves? You be the judge – have a read of this collection, and you may well be surprised at how good it can make you feel.

Poems About Self Worth

Poems About Self Worth

Self Esteem

Author: S. Ellis

I used to think that I was not enough
But now I know that I am more than tough
I am worthy and deserving of love and respect
And I will no longer let anyone disrespect
I am enough, just as I am
And I will no longer play the martyr or the damsel in distress
I am strong and capable, and I will rise
I will no longer be held down by anyone's lies
I am valuable, and I will not be denied
I will love and accept myself, flaws and all, with pride
I am worthy of happiness and success
And I will no longer settle for less.

Self Worth And Beauty

Author: C. Table

I used to think that beauty was skin deep
But now I know that it goes much more beneath
True beauty comes from within
It's a light that shines from within
I used to put myself down and compare
But now I know that I am unique and rare
I am beautiful, just as I am
And I will no longer let anyone slam
My worth is not defined by my looks
But by the person I am and the love that I took
I am enough, and I am worthy
And I will embrace my beauty, completely.

Self Image

Author: Unknown

In the mirror I see
A reflection of my soul
Confident and free.

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