7 Poems About Tea To Celebrate Something

Tea, if you are British, is pretty much a way of life. Many millions of non-UK residents also enjoy this drink, which has been around for almost as long as we can remember! Originating in China and India, tea is the ubiquitous drink – we make it for our friends, for ourselves, to calm ourselves after a shock, and even to celebrate some wonderful event.

If you are an avid tea lover, give yourself a treat and have a read through our collection of poems about tea. For added perfection, read them with a cup of your favorite tea!

If you have a tea lover in your life and you have already given them every single tea-based present out there, why not try gifting them a poem? They can frame it and hang it on the wall, right by the kettle!

Poems about tea are great, and it’s truly wonderful to see how many words there are out there that celebrate this wonderful beverage. Poetry can be a real tribute to something that the writer feels strongly about, and it can really chime with you when you read it. So get the kettle on, brew up and start reading!

Poems About Tea

Poems About Tea


Author: O. Clarke

A cup of tea, a friend so dear
Together we chase away the fear
The warmth that spreads through every vein
Reminds us that we're not alone again
The steam that rises from the brew
Filled with aroma, sweet and true
A symphony of flavors blend
With every sip, our hearts extend
We talk of life, we talk of dreams
We laugh, we cry, or so it seems
A bond so pure, a bond so true
A friendship that will always brew
So here's to you, my dear friend
May our cups never come to an end
May the tea we share bring us cheer
And keep our friendship ever dear.


Author: S. Fisher

Delicate and fragile, yet strong,
A tea cup's beauty can't be wrong.
With curves and lines that catch the light,
Each one is a work of art, so bright.
From porcelain to glass, to clay,
Each tea cup has its own unique way.
Of holding warmth and aroma tight,
Making every sip a pure delight.
Some are plain and simple, too,
While others are adorned with hues.
Of gold and silver, red and blue,
Each one with a story to pursue.
Tea cups, so small and yet so grand,
A symbol of tradition and a friend.
For every sip and every tea,
A cup will be there, always and forever be.
So raise your tea cup high and cheer,
For the warmth and comfort that it brings, so dear.
And let the tea cups be a reminder,
Of the beauty and joy that life can offer.


Author: A. Giles

A tea party, a gathering so grand,
With friends and family, a joyous band.
The table set with china white,
Linens crisp and candles bright.
The tea pot steaming, hot and strong,
Aromas filling the room along.
The sandwiches, so dainty and neat,
Scones and pastries, such a treat.
The clinking of spoons, the chatter and laughter,
An afternoon well spent, ever after.
The tea cups, delicate and fine,
Holding warmth and comfort, divine.
The tea party, a tradition so dear,
A celebration of life, friends and cheer.
So let us raise our tea cups high,
And toast to friendship, love and delight.
For tea parties are not just about tea,
But about the moments shared, so free.


Author: D. Hanna

A slice of cake, a cup of tea,
A perfect pair, as sweet can be.
Two simple things, yet oh so grand,
A treat for the senses, at heart and hand.
The tea, a brew of rich aroma,
A symphony of flavors, so warm and coma.
The cake, a treat of fluffy delight,
A balance of flavors, so sweet and light.
Together they make a perfect pair,
Complementing each other, so fair.
The tea to wash down the cake,
A taste sensation, no mistake.
So let us raise our tea cups high,
And take a bite of cake, oh so nigh.
For tea and cake, a pairing divine,
A treat for the soul and heart, forever entwine.


Author: H. Mata

Small and simple, yet so grand,
Teabags hold a magic in their hand.
A bag of leaves, a bag of dreams,
A brew that brings warmth and beams.
A teabag, a symbol of simplicity,
It's all you need for a cup of tea,
Just dip it in and let it be,
A perfect brew, so pure and free.
Teabags come in many shapes and forms,
From paper to silk, to keep the warmth.
Each one holds a different blend,
A flavor unique, that won't offend.
Teabags, a symbol of convenience,
A brew just a dip away, with no pretense.
A cup of tea, in moments of need,
A comfort and warmth, that will always heed.
So let us raise our teacups high,
To teabags, a simple yet satisfying, why
For every sip and every tea,
A teabag will be there, always and forever be.

Tea Lovers

Author: S. Ellis

Tea lovers, a special breed,
With a love for leaves, that exceeds.
A sip, a slurp, a taste so fine,
A love for tea, that's forever entwined.
They know the leaves, and how to brew,
A perfect cup, that's always new.
They search for blends, from far and near,
A taste sensation, that's always dear.
Tea lovers, a community so kind,
With a passion for tea, that's one of a kind.
They gather round, and share a brew,
A bonding ritual, that's always new.
For tea lovers, it's not just a drink,
It's a ritual, that brings warmth and think.
So let us raise our teacups high,
To tea lovers, a community of delight,
For every sip and every tea,
Tea lovers will be there, always and forever be.

With Friends

Author: S. Ellis

With friends, a cup of tea is grand,
We sit and chat, and make a band,
We sip and laugh and share,
Our thoughts and feelings, so fair,
A friendship that will always withstand.

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