5 Poems About The Beach And All The Fun That Comes With It

Who doesn’t love the beach? The sun, the sand, the sea… And there’s all the fun that comes with it. We’re thinking surfing, sandcastles, ice cream, barbecues on the beach, or just walking along, deep in thought. People have always had an immense connection to the sea; in fact there is a theory that one branch of our evolution spent a lot of time on the shorelines.

Even if we don’t believe this, there is no denying the pull of the beach. If you are missing your annual seaside holiday, why not have a read through a few of our poems about the beach? They will help you feel as though you are there – without having to worry about getting sunburnt!

We all love the beach, but some people REALLY love it. If you have one of these people in your life, why not share some of these poems with them? Writing them out and framing them – perhaps in a driftwood mount, or a frame covered with shells – can make a really great gift for the beach lover in your life. Next time you’re pining for the smell of the ocean, take a dip into poems about the beach.

Poems About the Beach

Poems About The Beach

At Night

Author: J. Perez

The beach at night, a magical sight
The waves crash softly, a gentle delight
The sand is cool, a soothing touch
The stars above, a celestial crutch
The moonlight dances on the water's face
A tranquil scene, a peaceful place
The breeze is gentle, the air is sweet
A perfect escape, from the city's heat
The sound of seagulls, a distant call
A reminder of nature, standing tall
The beach at night, a wonder to behold
A treasure to keep, in memories to enfold


Author: E. Arnold

The beach, a place of love and light
Where passion flows, in waves of might
Where hearts are free, to soar and roam
In endless love, a never-ending poem
The sand is soft, beneath our feet
As we walk hand-in-hand, a perfect treat
The waves crash gently, against the shore
A symphony of love, forever more
The sun sets low, a golden hue
As we stand together, me and you
The beauty of the beach, a sight to see
A perfect backdrop, for you and me
So let us dance, in love's sweet glow
On the beach, forevermore, we'll go
Our love as strong, as the endless sea
In each other's arms, forever we'll be


Author: S. Ellis

The beach, a place of endless beauty
Where the ocean meets the land, in endless duty
The waves crash softly, against the shore
A never-ending song, forever more
The sand is warm, beneath our feet
A comforting embrace, a seat
The sun shines bright, in the summer sky
As we stand and watch, with a contented sigh
The water is blue, as far as the eye can see
A vast and endless expanse, a true masterpiece
The salt in the air, a refreshing breeze
A reminder of the ocean, and all its mysteries
The beach, a place of wonder and delight
Where the ocean's power, is on full display, bright
A place to escape, to simply be
In the presence of the beach, and the endless sea


Author: S. Ellis

The beach in winter, a sight to see
A place of solitude, just you and me
The sand is cold, beneath our feet
But the love we share, is a comfortable seat
The waves are rough, as they crash to shore
A reminder of the power, that nature has in store
The wind is biting, as it cuts through the air
But together, we face it, without a care
The sky is gray, and the sun is low
But the beauty of the beach, still manages to show
The winter chill, cannot diminish the glow
Of the love we have, for each other, we know
So let us stand, hand-in-hand
On the beach in winter, a special land
Where the love we share, keeps us warm
On the beach in winter, through every storm

At Sunset

Author: Unknown

Sandy beach at dusk
Golden sun sinks into waves
Peaceful paradise

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