3 Poems About Transgender That Are Relevant These Days

Transgender, although it seems very relevant these days, has actually been around for centuries. It can be incredibly hard to feel as though you are not in the right skin, so why not read some poems about transgender? These might help you to work out how you are feeling, and why. Alternatively, if you have a friend or family member who is transitioning, try reading them a few of this collection – it may well help them.

Feeling heard, cared for and understood is very important for mental health. Often, people who are not sure they are the gender they were born as can feel isolated, lonely, confused and even depressed. Reading poetry about the same thing that one is going through can really help – many poems can really hit home and get into a person’s mind where nothing else can.

Poems about transgender can really help someone who is confused about themselves, plus it’s a great way to help yourself understand the issues a loved one may be facing. Another great thing about getting these things out in the open is allowing them to become more accepted by society, meaning that people transitioning will soon be seen as normal as anything else.

Poems About Transgender

Poems About Transgender

Trans Love

Author: N. Ellis

Trans love is pure, it's true and real,
It knows no bounds, it knows no feel.
It flows like a river, deep and wide,
It's a love that cannot be denied.
It's a love that breaks through barriers,
A love that shines like the stars.
It's a love that defies societal norms,
A love that breaks down all walls.
It's a love that is fierce, a love that is strong,
A love that can last for a lifetime long.
It's a love that is true, a love that is pure,
A love that will forever endure.
Trans love is not a choice, but a calling,
It's a love that is worth fighting for.
It's a love that will never be silenced,
It's a love that will forever soar.
So let us stand together, hand in hand,
And show the world that trans love is grand.
For love knows no gender, no labels, no bounds,
And it's time for us all to be proud.

Trans Joy

Author: N. Ellis

Trans joy is like a flower in bloom,
A burst of color, a sweet perfume.
It's a light that shines in the darkest of days,
A beacon of hope, in so many ways.
It's the laughter shared among friends,
The love that never seems to end.
It's the small victories, big and small,
The moments that make us stand tall.
It's the feeling of being true to oneself,
The sense of belonging, the feeling of wealth.
It's the pride in who we are,
And the courage to go far.
Trans joy is not a luxury, but a right,
It's the feeling of taking flight.
It's the celebration of our unique selves,
The embracing of our complexities.
So let us revel in trans joy,
And let it be our guiding light.
For it is a force to be reckoned with,
A source of strength and might.


Author: S. Ellis

We are all unique, with our own ways,
Different paths and different phases.
But one thing is true, we all deserve
Love, respect, and to be heard.
Transgender, non-binary, and more,
Our gender identity is something we explore.
Society may judge, and try to fit us in a mold,
But our true selves cannot be controlled.
It's time to accept and understand,
That gender is not limited to man or woman.
Let us be who we are, and live our truth,
Without fear of judgment or proof.
So let us stand together, hand in hand,
And show the world that love is grand.
For transgender lives matter, just like all,
And it's time for acceptance to be the call.

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