3 Poems About Breakfast That We All Love

Many people swear that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, while others can get by on nothing but a cup of coffee. Whichever camp you fall into, reading about something is always fun – and with that in mind, did you know that you can find any number of poems about breakfast? It’s great that you can find a poem about just about anything, up to and including breakfast! We all love food, right? So combining words and food has got to be just about the best thing in the world (can you tell that we love our words as well as our breakfast?)

Breakfast is a wonderful thing. Whether you go for the full English; the Continental; cereal and toast; a cup of black coffee or tea with milk and sugar – or none of the above and you make up your own rules – we salute you! Breakfast is a great thing, whether you pig out or just have a glass of lemon water. Getting ready for the day with food is how most people start their day (and who can blame us, especially when there is such good food out there?) We’re all different in our habits, and breakfast is no exception. Poetry is another thing that we’re all different about it – you may love it or you may hate it. If you d hate it, chances are that’s just because you haven’t found the right poet or poems yet!

If you want to add a little culture to your morning, check out our list of poems about breakfast. These can really help to inspire you for the day ahead, and hopefully will increase your appetite for the “most important meal of the day” too? If nothing else, reading poetry at the table will give you something to do other than scrolling on your phone!

Poems About Breakfast

Poems About Breakfast


Author: D. Pedersen

The sun cracks through the sleepy sky,
And birdsong joins the morning sigh.
A golden glow paints kitchen walls,
As sleep's last tendrils gently fall.
The kettle hums, a steamy plume,
Awaking scents that chase the gloom.
Of toasted bread, and sizzling bacon,
Eggs that whisper, "Wake up, Kraken!"
The coffee brews, a dark delight,
Its rich aroma takes its flight.
And jam, a jewel, in sunshine hues,
On warm-kissed toast, a morning muse.
A symphony of clinking spoons,
And sleepy smiles beneath the moons
Of poached eggs, with yolks so bright,
A promise of a joyful bite.
With laughter bubbling, light and free,
We share the dawn, and all agree,
That breakfast is a simple art,
To warm the soul, and mend the heart.
So raise a mug, and sing a song,
To breakfasts that the whole day long,
Remind us, though the world may toss,
There's magic in a sunny toast.


Author: Unknown

Steaming mug in hand,
Sun spills on golden yolk and toast,
Daybreak in each bite.


Author: D. Figgs

In gentle dawn, while shadows kiss the sill,
A whispered hiss announces morning's call.
The sleepy kettle hums, a fragrant thrill,
As drowsy senses heed the coffee's thrall.
On plates of white, a canvas bright unfurls,
With buttered toast, a sunlit, golden frame.
And jewel-toned fruits, their colours dancing whirls,
While crisp-kissed bacon whispers smoke and flame.
The poached egg's heart, a molten sun aglow,
Releases warmth with every silken scoop.
And honey's kiss, a sweetness soft and slow,
Melts on the tongue, a gentle morning loop.
In simple fare, a symphony takes flight,
A dance of senses, bathed in morning light.

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