3 Poems About Whales As Long As Moby Dick

Whales are such beautiful, majestic creatures, that it won’t come as a surprise to know that countless words have been written about them over the years. I’m sure you’ve heard of Moby Dick, but did you know that as well as novels, there are poems about whales too? Yes, these exist. They are pretty amazing at expressing all the best qualities of these monumental animals, because poetry is a great way of expressing things in word form. Poems can take all shapes and sizes ( a bit like whales, really), so if you are worried about having to wade through an epic as long as Moby Dick – don’t! You can find any number of poems in any number of styles, and we have tried to select some of the best for your enjoyment.

Whales – more specifically blue whales – are the biggest animals on our planet. It’s not really surprising that odes have been written about them over the years! There are so many poems about whales out there that you might struggle to narrow down your search – just have a look through our list, and hopefully you will find the right type of poem in the right style that is suited to you. These are great for learning about whales, as well as enjoying the gloriousness of the written word in all its beauty and splendour.

Giving the gift of a poem is a fabulous present. Anyone who reads some perfect words that have made you think of them will be thrilled and touched, so if you have a friend who really loves whales and you can’t think of anything else to get them, consider the gift of words. You (and they) will not regret it. And, as an added bonus, they might learn something they didn’t already know!

Poems About Whales

Poems About Whales

Killer Whales

Author: N. Ellis

Beneath the waves, where sunbeams pierce the blue,
A flash of black, a fin that splits the foam,
The orca hunts, a dancer sleek and true,
With power etched in muscle, bone, and dome.
Their song, a chorus on the ocean's breath,
A chilling hum that echoes through the deep,
Their teeth like daggers, glinting white as death,
As dolphins leap and seals their vigil keep.
Through icy floes they navigate with grace,
Their family bound, a network strong and wise,
They teach their young the ancient hunt's embrace,
The silent kill, the flash of hungry eyes.
But watch them breach, in sunlit arcs arise,
A fleeting glimpse of beauty in the skies.

Blue Whales

Author: N. Ellis

In oceans vast, where shadows sleep,
A gentle giant roams the deep.
The blue whale whispers, soft and low,
A mournful song the currents know.
Its skin, a canvas vast and grand,
Etched with stories, ocean sand.
A hundred moons upon its back,
Each wrinkle whispers of attack,
Of harpoons piercing, dreams in pain,
A history carved in salty rain.
But still it sings, a lullaby,
The chorus of the boundless sky.
Its heart, a drum within its breast,
Beats slow and strong, a whispered quest.
To filter plankton, fine and small,
A symphony of gulps, in thrall.
Its tongue, a mountain, soft and red,
A crimson cavern, where krill are fed.
A filter fine, a curtain spun,
Where life unfurls, beneath the sun.
It blows a fountain, mist and might,
A whispered sigh, against the light.
And dives again, into the blue,
A fading shadow, ever true.
So let us hear the ocean's sigh,
For in its depths, the giants lie.
The blue whale's song, a mournful plea,
To guard the seas, eternally.

Haiku about Whales

Author: Unknown

With a whispered sigh,
Giants breach the ocean's skin,
Moonlight on their song.

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