3 Poems About Failure In Life That Are Uplifting

We’ve all felt at times that we’re failing at life, haven’t we? I’m pretty sure you’re doing just fine, but in case you’re not then one of the best things you can do is to read about it, talk about it, and try to do something about it. Even if all you achieve in a day is to read poems about failure in life, that’s not really failing! Sometimes life is hard, there is no question about that. There are days when it feels like we get curve balls to the face, and others where we feel like we’re battling against the waves to even get out of bed…

Poems can really help you in your daily life. They can be fun; uplifting; inspiring; hopeful – all the things that you need when you feel you are failing at life.If we’re all honest with ourselves, we ALL have days where we feel like this. You are far from alone. In fact, you are probably NOT failing at life at all -it’s just some days we feel like we should be doing better or achieving more!

As long as you are looking after yourself mentally and physically, ensuring that you have enough to eat and drink and that you get enough sleep, and that any dependents you have are happy and loved, you are winning at life. Anything else is just a bonus! Try really hard to not compare yourself and your life to other people’s. Make sure that you do something every day that is just for you. Get out of bed and shower – then go back to bed, if you need to. If you’re having a really bad day, read through our list of poems about failure in life, to help you realise that there is hope out there, and that things can (and will) get better.

Poems About Failure In Life

Poems About Failure In Life

Failure and Success

Author: D. Rush

In life's grand dance, a tangled scene,
Where shadows lie and sunlight gleams,
Two figures play, a waltz they weave,
Success and Failure, intertwined they leave.
Failure, cloaked in shades of doubt,
Whispers fears, with mocking shout,
A crumpled dream, a broken vow,
A weight that pulls the dancer down.
Success, adorned in gilded hues,
Beckons hope, with promises infuse,
A mountain climbed, a goal embraced,
A crown of stars, on joy's bright face.
Yet, intertwined their steps reside,
A tapestry where light and dark confide,
No victor sings, no loser weeps,
For one gives birth, the other keeps.
Failure, the crucible of fire,
Where lessons forge, and strengths transpire,
The anvil's blow, the bitter tears,
Refine the soul, dispel the fears.
Success, the peak, the sunlit crest,
Where triumphs sing, and doubts are blessed,
But fragile blooms on fleeting heights,
May wither soon, in cold starlight.
So let them dance, this endless pair,
Embrace the falls, the victories share,
For in their waltz, life finds its beat,
A symphony, bittersweet, complete.
And know, dear friend, when shadows loom,
And triumphs fade, like fleeting bloom,
Both guide your steps, on life's long way,
To find your dawn, your brightest day.

Life Struggles

Author: F. Patterson

Life's path winds not in perfect line,
But twists and turns, a tangled vine.
With hills to climb and storms to brave,
Our hearts, like ships, the ocean crave.
The sun hangs high, then disappears,
In clouds of doubt, and salty tears.
The winds of fate, they howl and blow,
Leaving seeds of fear to sow.
But hold, dear soul, though waves may toss,
Within your grasp, a hidden force.
A fire's spark, a whispered dream,
A strength that lives, a surging stream.
Though shadows dance, and burdens weigh,
Let hope's faint light ignite the way.
In broken dreams, new chances lie,
A tapestry woven 'neath the sky.
Remember stars, unseen by day,
That glimmer still, where shadows play.
And every tear, a crystal's kiss,
Reflecting rainbows, born of bliss.
So raise your head, and face the sun,
Though battles loom, the race is won.
For life's true worth, in struggles found,
Where diamonds rise from fertile ground.
With each new dawn, a chance to rise,
With wings unfurled, to touch the skies.
And through the storm, a whisper sings,
That even stumbles lead to wings.

Being Lost In Life

Author: R. Lockley

No map unfolds, no compass speaks,
Just aimless steps on winding peaks.
The path unseen, the goal obscure,
A lonely whisper, "What's the cure?"
Stars hang veiled, moon offers no light,
But in the dark, a tiny spark might ignite.
A flicker within, a whispered song,
To guide the lost where they belong.

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