3 Poems About Doubt And Faith

It’s always nice if you have a strong belief that helps you get through life, and it can be a comfort to you on dark days. But what do you do if you are having a crisis of belief, and you feel as though you’re losing your faith? A good first step is to read poems about doubt and faith – and luckily, there are a great many of those out there! It’s incredibly normal to have a strong faith as a younger person, then to question it as you get older. We often have views foisted on us by our parents when we are younger, or find a belief system that we really like in our youth, but then come to a crisis point in our later years… Breathe. This is completely normal – something you will come to realize when you read the vast amount of poems that are written about it!

Reading poems can help to calm the mind and soothe the soul. If nothing else, reading about how other people are going through the same thing as you can help immeasurably! If you want to feel re inspired – or you are happy in your decision to change or even remove your faith entirely – just know that you’re not alone. Poems about doubt and faith are literally everywhere; there are very few people who have not had a crisis of faith at some point in their lives – not matter what belief system they adhere to or how they were brought up.

Whether you need to go on a pilgrimage to find your lost faith, or whether you are happy to leave it behind you and move on, know that you will always have the support you need and that your friends and family have always got your back, even if your religion hasn’t.

Poems About Doubt And Faith

Poems About Doubt And Faith

Overcoming Doubt

Author: O. Green

In shadows deep, where whispers creep,
Doubt coils and binds, a serpent steep.
Its poisoned breath, a chilling dread,
That wraps the heart, and fills the head
With visions grim, of failure's sting,
Of dreams that die, on broken wing.
But rise, dear soul, above the mire,
Let embers glow, to quench the fire
Of doubt's despair. With steady hand,
Unfurl the wings, that bravely stand
Against the storm. Remember light,
That pierces dark, with morning's might.
Each doubt a hurdle, not a wall,
To climb, to leap, to overcome, after all.
For inner strength, a wellspring deep,
Where courage waits, for slumbering dreams to leap.
And though the path may twist and turn,
In every step, a lesson to be learned.
So let the voice of doubt be drowned,
By whispers soft, of hope profound.
With every doubt that you defy,
A star ignites, within the sky.
And on that light, let spirit soar,
To conquer fears, forevermore.
Remember, soul, you are the light,
That drives away the endless night.
And though the shadows may descend,
Your inner flame, will never end.
In every breath, in every beat,
The power lies, to make doubt retreat.
So rise, dear soul, and take your flight,
Towards the dawn, and endless light.

Self Doubt

Author: N. Ellis

Whispered fears in mirrored eyes,
A shadowed self, a doubting guise.
Can hands so small grasp such grand dreams?
Will wings unfold or stay unseen?
But wait, dear heart, and breathe anew,
For doubt's a guest, not always true.
In quiet strength, your voice may rise,
And paint the skies with sunrise.

Doubt In Love

Author: R. Nicoli

In love's embrace, a whispered doubt,
A serpent slithers, cold and stout.
It coils around our trusting hearts,
With poisoned words, that tear us apart.
"Do you still love me?" the questions sting,
Like frost on roses, in the spring.
His gaze averted, hers meets the floor,
The silence grows, until it roars.
Did whispered secrets paint deceit?
Or distance grow, where passion was sweet?
Is all that's left a hollow shell,
Of promises whispered, stories fell?
But doubt, a thief, must be laid bare,
Before trust's flame, it dares to snare.
With trembling touch and whispered sigh,
Let vulnerabilities touch the sky.
For in shared truths, and tears set free,
Love's roots may bind, more tenderly.
And whispered doubts, like shadows cast,
Will fade in dawn, when love holds fast.
So let doubts go, and hearts unfold,
Love's tapestry, more precious than gold.
For in the trust that dares to say,
"I love you still," with each new day,
Love's whispers rise, above the fray,
And doubt's dark shadows melt away.

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