3 Poems About Unemployment That Does Happen

Although being jobless is often not people’s favorite part of life, it is something that does happen to most of us at some point, and as such we should talk about it. There are a great many things you can learn about being unemployed – not least the fact that there are also poems about unemployment too… OK, reading poems about it probably will not help the frustration and helplessness you feel about the situation – but at least it will help you to feel less alone. You re not the only one going through this situation right now, and you are far from the last person who will ever have to go through it. It’s a really scary position to be in, especially if you have a family and a mortgage – but at least know that there are things you can do about it – even if this is just reading a poem.

Reading poetry may not seem like a useful or productive thing to do if you are out of work. However, words can be incredibly inspiring, and reading poems about unemployment can be really beneficial to you and your life. You may learn better coping strategies, or ways around your situation – or you may just enjoy learning that you are not the only one going through this.

Whatever your take on the situation, hopefully our list of poems will help you to get through the tough times you are experiencing – or you can give them to a friend that is struggling. Remember, words have power, and that is exactly what poetry gives you. Power to get through whatever you are struggling with. While you are scrolling through websites trying to find work, have a look through our poems too – hopefully this will give you a bit of a boost.

Poems About Unemployment

Poems About Unemployment

Unemployment Rate

Author: N. Ellis

In digits stark, a story lies,
A pulse of hope, a tide of sighs.
The unemployment rate, a line,
That tracks the lives left out, defined.
Percent points climb, a shadow cast,
On kitchen tables, meals amassed
From dwindling stores, anxieties shared,
Dreams deferred, ambitions spared.
Each number holds a face, a name,
A father's pride, a mother's shame.
The skilled hand stilled, the mind unfurled,
Potential trapped, a weight on the world.
But in that hush, a quiet fight,
To rise above the dimming light.
Resumes refreshed, applications sent,
Hope's embers glow, unwilling to relent.
For within despair, a spirit burns,
Resilience blooms, where fortune yearns.
New paths are sought, new skills embraced,
In innovation's dawn, a chance is chased.
So let us hear the stories untold,
Behind the numbers, brave and bold.
For in this tide, where hardship flows,
There's human strength, where future grows.
And though the line may rise and fall,
We face the storm, we stand up tall.
For in each soul, a promise gleams,
To overcome, to chase our dreams.
So let us mend the fractured line,
With empathy, with hands that twine.
For in this battle, fought as one,
We'll raise the tide, until it's done.
For every number, there's a heart,
And in that heart, a brand new start.
Let's write a chapter, bold and bright,
Where work is found, and hope takes flight.


Author: Unknown

Empty desk chair sighs,
Dust motes dance in sunbeams pale,
Resume whispers wait.


Author: P. Edwards

Sun-kissed shores, where reggae rhythms sway,
Hold echoes now of footsteps seeking work.
The turquoise waves, once playgrounds for the day,
See vacant eyes of islands' hidden merk.
No tourists fill the bars with laughter's chime,
No rum shakes paint the sunset pink and gold.
The vibrant streets, once pulsing life sublime,
Now whisper tales of stories left untold.
The fishermen mend nets with anxious hands,
Their boats lie beached, the ocean's bounty shy.
Young eyes, like mangoes fallen on the sand,
Dream dreams unripe beneath a foreign sky.
But resilience, like ganja smoke, takes flight,
A spirit strong, in darkness burning bright.

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