3 Poems About Fake Friends That Can Help You

Having great friends is such a wonderful thing – they can help you get through the trials and tribulations of life with a smile on your face. Well, true friends can, that is… But what about fake friends? These are not so good, as you will know if you have ever had one. The relationship can be very complex, and can leave you with some very confusing feelings… But you know what can help? Poems about fake friends. Yes, that’s right – reading about how these people have affected others, and how those others have dealt with them, can really help if you are going through this in your life.

Poetry is a very good way of opening your feelings to something new – poetry has a way of getting you right in the feels without you even having to think about it. You’d be surprised about how much poetry there is on all types of subjects – yes, even on the subject of fake friends! You can use poetry – and all types of reading and art in general, in fact – to help you get through tough times in your life.

It may come as a shock that there is a poem for just about every subject there is out there in the world, even things that seem very niche and even a bit weird. However, there is nothing weird about feeling real feelings about friends who you thought were friends, but who turned out to not actually be. If you are struggling with this right now, have a read through our list of poems about fake friends – it may help you with ideas about what to do, and if nothing else you will realise that you are far from alone in this issue.

Poems About Fake Friends

Poems About Fake Friends

Fake Friends

Author: S. Jace

Smiles wide and sweet, like sugared lies,
Their laughter rings, but coldness hides.
They cling like ivy, green and bright,
But drain your strength, and dim your light.
In sunshine fair, they walk beside,
But turn away when shadows slide.
They whisper praise in ears inclined,
Then spread your secrets on the wind.
With flattery's brush, they paint your worth,
Then mock your canvas in the hearth.
They share your joy, a shallow sip,
But leave you lonely when you trip.
Beware the charm, the silken snare,
Of friends who vanish when you're bare.
For true companions, brave and strong,
Will weather storms and sing your song.
So heed the heart, not just the guise,
Unmask the falseness in their eyes.
Seek kindred spirits, warm and true,
And let the fakes drift from your view.
For life's a journey, meant to share,
With souls who love you as you are.
Hold fast to those who see you clear,
And cast off masks of friends insincere.

Bad Friends

Author: S. Ellis

Shadows in sunshine, smiles that bite,
Words like honey, hearts of spite.
Laughter brittle, promises thin,
Leaches clinging, drawing you in.
Beware the hollow, painted face,
The whispers spreading in the space.
Turn away from poisoned wells,
Seek the light where true love dwells.

False Friends

Author: I. Toney

With laughter's chime and honeyed tongue,
They weave a web where trust has hung.
Their smiles, like sunlight, warm and bright,
Yet cast long shadows, cold and tight.
In joy's embrace, they claim their place,
But vanish swift when sorrow's pace
Quickens the beat, and tears descend,
No solace offered, no hand to lend.
They wear your secrets as a crown,
A gilded cage where whispers drown
Your vulnerabilities in the mire,
Fuel for gossip, fanning fire.
With poisoned praise, they stroke your pride,
Then watch it crumble, step aside.
Like brittle branches, frail and thin,
They snap beneath the weight of sin.
So cast them off, these masks of clay,
And seek the sun where hearts display
True light, untainted, strong and pure,
Where friendship's flame will evermore
Burn bright and fierce, with steady glow,
Warmth in the depths where shadows flow.
For bonds of trust, not forged in lies,
Will rise above these empty skies,
And guide your steps on paths unseen,
With love's own compass, ever keen.

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