5 Poems About Glasses That Are Wonderful

Glasses are a truly wonderful invention. They help us to see if we struggle to do so, and they can really change the look of someone’s face if they are wearing them. Many people can’t see to walk down the street without glasses on, so in a lot of cases they can be a bit of a lifesaver too. I bet you didn’t know there are poems about glasses though! The gift of sight, although most of us take it for granted, is actually pretty special. We thought we would compile a list about the best poems celebrating some of the things that help us see – glasses.

Glasses have not been around for a very long time, in the grand scheme of things… Poetry, on the other hand, has been around for a VERY long time!

It is not surprising that there are poems about glasses. After all, there are odes to flowers, for goodness sakes… So why not pen a celebration of something that is so incredibly useful to so many of us? Your humble writer would not be able to see ten feet without some optometrist help – I truly feel that glasses should be celebrated.

And what better way to celebrate things than with poetry? Poems can help to normalise things that we feel we are totally alone in. Poems can inspire and change our minds totally, or they can just be a welcome distraction from everyday life.

If you are struggling with the idea of wearing glasses, or someone you know is struggling, or you just want to see (sorry for the bad pun!) how much beauty there is in the world of words… Then read on for our list of poems that will make you forget the playground taunt of “four eyes” for the rest of time.

Poems About Glasses

Poems About Glasses

Wearing Glasses

Author: N. Ellis

Upon my nose, a perched pair perched,
Not feathers fine, but lenses curved.
They hold the world within their gaze,
And frame my eyes in studious ways.
No longer blurred, the distant trees,
Each leaf unfurled, a gentle breeze.
The city lights, a sparkling string,
The smile of friends, a precious thing.
These panes of glass, they magnify,
The glint of tears, the starlit sky.
A book's embrace, a world unknown,
All brought to life upon my own.
So let them say, with furrowed brow,
"Those spectacles, they make you cow!"
For I see beauty, sharp and clear,
A world unveiled, both far and near.
So raise a glass, to specs I say,
My trusted friends, each and every day.
For with their aid, my vision sings,
And on my nose, their magic clings.

Eye Glasses

Author: S. Paul

Through tempered panes, the world unfurls anew,
Once blurred and dim, now etched in sharp detail.
These crystal moons, perched lightly on my brow,
Unmask the secrets that in distance veil.
No longer lost in hazy, muted scenes,
I trace the flight of hawks on azure air,
Decipher smiles on lips that softly glean,
And drink the stars' celestial nectar rare.
These fragile bridges span the chasm wide
Between my gaze and all that lies unseen,
Where whispers turn to voices, shadows hide,
And mysteries in fleeting glimpses preen.
So let them mock, "Behind your glassy shield,
The world's true face is veiled, its colors steal'd."
For I have sight, where once there lay but night,
And in these depths, a universe takes flight.

Wine Glasses

Author: N. Ellis

A chalice cupped, a crystal shell,
Where liquid sunbeams rise and swell.
Thin walls that sing, a whispered chime,
As ruby depths weave into rhyme.
Stem slender, reaching, poised and light,
It cradles dreams in crimson night.
Held like a wish, a fragile friend,
Whispers of stories that transcend.
The rim, a kiss, a touch of dew,
Where taste and scent begin anew.
The dance of light, a swirling sun,
On garnet depths, secrets spun.
A canvas spun, a stained glass scene,
Of ruby laughter, emerald sheen.
Each swirl a brushstroke, bold and free,
In this cathedral built for thee.
From whispered toasts to solemn tears,
It holds the laughter and the fears.
A silent witness, ever near,
The crystal confidante so clear.
So raise a glass, a crimson eye,
To fleeting moments, passing by.
Let joy and sorrow meet and mend,
Within this chalice, without end.

Haiku about Sunglasses

Author: Unknown

Mirrored eyes hide cool,
Beneath dark glass, the sun's glare fades,
World turns silver-gray.

Rose Colored Glasses

Author: G. Jackson

Through petals dipped in rosy hue,
The world blooms soft, anew.
Sharp edges blur, a gentle haze,
Where shadows dance in sunlit praise.
Laughter lingers, whispers grace,
A smile on every stranger's face.
Hope's melody, a joyous hum,
In every corner, love to come.
Oh, rose-kissed lens, I see it clear,
The beauty that may not be near.
But isn't it a finer sight,
Than shades of gray, and endless night?
So let me dream in rosy gleam,
Though thorns may lurk, unseen, it seems.
For in this world, of gentle hue,
My heart finds solace, ever true.

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