3 Poems About Good Fortune That Are Inspirational

Good fortune is definitely something that we are all seeking, right? It’s the ultimate aim in all our lives; to achieve good luck and be incredibly happy. If you find that you are struggling with this somewhat (and by the way, you are far from alone in this), then look into poems about good fortune – you never know – it might just help you to change yours!

Poems can be incredibly inspirational, as you probably already know. It’s not only the words themselves and the way they are laid out, but often the subject matter can be pretty amazing too. When the subject matter is good fortune, it can help you to find your own, even if nothing is going right in your life at the moment. You may pick up some hints and tips on how to improve the good luck in your life too – sometimes just hearing about how other people experience good fortune can help to lighten your life enough that you can welcome it into yours too.

On the other hand, even if things seem completely hopeless and you’ve forgotten what good fortune even sounds like, you can comfort yourself with the fact that there are still good things in the world, even if they are not in your life currently. Poems about good fortune can give you enough of a boost to help tide you over until things start to go well in your own life too – and if nothing else, they can help to take your mind off the fact that things are not as perfect as you want them to be. Just remember, this too shall pass, and your fortunes will be changed for the better in the future, even when things seem at their most hopeless.

Poems About Good Fortune

Poems About Good Fortune

Poem About Good Fortune

Author: S. Ellis

In life's grand tapestry, where threads interweave,
A shimmer of good fortune, like sunbeams that conceive.
A gift so precious, a blessing so dear,
A touch of serendipity, banishing fear.
Like a rainbow's arc, painting the sky,
Or a melody sweet, as birds take flight high,
Good fortune descends, with gentle embrace,
A warm and welcoming presence, in life's vibrant space.
It dances with laughter, in moments of glee,
A sprinkle of sunshine, where burdens we flee.
It whispers of kindness, in hearts open and wide,
Connecting souls with compassion, where empathy does reside.
Like a gentle breeze, rustling through leaves,
Good fortune awakens, our spirit believes.
It opens new pathways, where dreams take flight,
Guiding our steps forward, in life's endless light.
So let us cherish this blessing, so rare and profound,
A gift of good fortune, that makes our spirits resound.
Embrace its embrace, let its magic unfold,
And let life's tapestry, with good fortune, be told.

Poem About Good Luck

Author: J. Browne

In the realm of chance and fate, where fortunes unfold,
A whisper of good luck, a story to be told.
A serendipitous encounter, a chance to excel,
A twist of the cosmic wheel, where dreams can reveal.
Like a shooting star's brilliance, streaking across the night,
Good luck arrives silently, casting away despair's plight.
It guides our steps forward, like a beacon so bright,
Leading us towards triumphs, in life's grand light.
With open arms we receive it, with hearts full of grace,
A gift from the universe, a chance to embrace.
We seize the opportunities, with courage and zest,
Emerging victorious, through life's winding quest.
So let us embrace good luck, with open arms and a smile,
For it's a gift that enriches, with moments of style.
We'll dance with serendipity, let our spirits take flight,
And in the tapestry of life, let good luck shine ever bright.

Poem About Good Wealth

Author: P. Clarke

In life's grand symphony, where fortunes intertwine,
Good wealth echoes softly, a blessing so divine.
Not measured by material gain, nor riches untold,
But nurtured by kindness, where hearts truly unfold.
Like a sun-kissed meadow, where wildflowers bloom,
Good wealth blossoms forth, in every soul's room.
A spirit content, that finds joy in the small,
A gentle embrace of gratitude, that makes life enthrall.
It's not found in possessions, or treasures to acquire,
But nurtured in compassion, where hearts forever inspire.
A helping hand extended, a smile that's sincere,
Creating a tapestry of kindness, that's ever so clear.
Like a gentle breeze that whispers through trees,
Good wealth spreads its presence, where empathy decrees.
It bridges the gaps, connects hearts with care,
A symphony of compassion, beyond compare.
So let us cultivate wealth, that's pure and profound,
A treasure of kindness, where love is unbound.
With open hearts and gentle souls, we'll let it reside,
And create a world of abundance, where love cannot hide.

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