7 Poems About Hate That We All Try To Avoid

Hate is something that we all try to avoid, whether it is us doing the hating or someone else hating us. Either way, it’s not an ideal situation… However, these big emotions happen to us whether we like them or not, and one of the best ways to deal with them is to learn more about them – and about ourselves. What is it that you hate and why do you hate it? What is it that you need to learn about this feeling, and how can you take it forward in your life? Is hatred holding you back, like so many of us? Poetry is a fantastic tool, both for education and for inspiration, so if you are struggling with big, angry feelings, it might be time to look into poems about hate.

Learning about “big feelings” can be a really good way to help yourself understand them, and ultimately deal with them in a healthy way. There is nothing wrong with the feeling of hate per se, it’s just what you do with these feelings that makes the difference. Instead of lashing out, hurting others and possibly yourself too, learn how to cope with these feelings and hopefully transmute them into something more positive.

Poems about hate can be a really good educational tool, no matter what age you are. Sometimes, small children can really struggle with their big uncomfortable feelings, so reading them poems about it can really help them to understand it. Adults, too, can have problems with feeling this type of feeling, and poetry is generally a really good way of expressing these feelings in a more positive way. You could also learn how to put your own feelings into words and turn your negative experience into something positive that can help others in the future too!

Poems About Hate

Poems About Hate

Hate and Love

Author: N. Ellis

Two serpents dance, entwined in strife,
Love, with wings of purest dove,
Hate, a viper, sharp with knives,
In a heart, a battleground.
Love's whispers soft, like summer rain,
Hate's venom drips, a burning pain.
They coil and hiss, a haunting strain,
Will one ascend, the other fade?
But wait, a glimmer, hope's frail spark,
Love's touch, a balm on scars so stark.
It soothes the viper, cools the dark,
In tender light, the dance abates.
Love, wounded still, yet holds the key,
To heal the heart, set both souls free.
For hate may twist, but love can see,
A fragile peace, in shadowed gates.


Author: N. Ellis

In gut's hot pit, a serpent coils,
Venom sours, and reason foils.
Hate, a whisper, turns to shout,
A stormcloud forming, doubt to doubt.
Fury's fist, a clenched tight ball,
Muscles tense, against the wall.
Words, like shrapnel, rip and tear,
Leaving wounds for eyes to bear.
The mind, a crucible aflame,
Burning bridges, whispering shame.
Justice warps, a twisted knife,
In anger's dance, blind to life.
But wait, a breath, a flicker's pause,
Reason whispers, through the flaws.
Beneath the rage, a wounded child,
Fears untold, stories wild.
To hear the ache, the hidden plea,
Unravel hate's barbed tapestry.
With empathy, a gentle hand,
Transform the storm to shifting sand.
For anger's heat, though fierce and strong,
Can forge anew, if guided long.
To channel fire, rebuild, unite,
And from the ashes, kindle light.

Haters and Hypocrites

Author: P. Drake

Tongues like vipers, dripping spite,
Haters weave their webs of night.
Judgement quick, pronouncements loud,
Blind to flaws in self, unproud.
With eyes that squint, and hearts of stone,
They point the finger, never own.
Their virtues, painted bright and bold,
Mask the shadows, secrets hold.
But masks, like ice, begin to crack,
Beneath the scorn, their truth leaks back.
The whispered sneer, the cutting blow,
Reflects the darkness none can know.
Hypocrisy, a bitter pill,
Swallowed whole, yet makes them ill.
Their righteous claims, a hollow ring,
As shadows dance, and secrets sing.
So let us pity, not despise,
The hearts that harbor poisoned lies.
For in their hate, a truth is shown,
The monsters they despise, they've grown.
But we, with light within our eyes,
Will choose compassion, gentle ties.
With open hearts, and outstretched hand,
Seek understanding, break the band.
For hate's a storm that wrecks the soul,
While love's a beacon, makes us whole.
Let kindness heal the wounds unfurled,
And light extinguish shadows' world.

Hate in the World

Author: O. Lyttle

A serpent slithers, scales askew,
Through fields of fear, where shadows stew.
Its venom drips, a bitter brew,
And hearts turn hard, beneath the blue.
Walls of doubt, like mountains rise,
Between the us and them, the cries.
Fists clench tight, and anger smolders,
Leaving ashes, where love once shouldered.
But whispers soft, on gentle breeze,
Carry seeds of hope, through rustling trees.
A hand outstretched, a tear that falls,
Can mend the cracks, in shattered walls.
For love's a flame, that burns so bright,
Can melt the ice, and pierce the night.
So let it spark, and fill the air,
And chase away the serpent's lair.
Together, we can mend the fray,
And build a world, where love holds sway.

Hate Speech

Author: P. Ash

Words like daggers, sharp and cold,
Spitting venom, hearts grow old.
Hateful whispers, loud and strong,
Twisting tongues to right their wrong.
From screens they crawl, from mouths they fly,
Poisoning minds beneath the sky.
Blind to reason, deaf to plea,
Building walls of misery.
Brother against brother turned,
By whispers false, by passions burned.
The spark of fear, a kindled flame,
Consuming love, whispering shame.
But wait, a voice, a gentle chime,
Breaking through the web of time.
Words of kindness, soft and light,
Chasing shadows back to night.
Empathy's hand, a bridge to span,
Understanding, where walls began.
For every hateful, biting word,
Let love's embrace be gently heard.
So build not walls, but open doors,
Embrace the different, heal the sores.
Let love be language, clear and true,
Drowning out the hateful crew.
For words have power, to wound and mend,
To break the world, or comprehend.
Choose love's soft song, let kindness flow,
And watch the seeds of unity grow.

Hate in Relationship

Author: D. Paul

Love's embers crackle, turned to ash,
Where whispers sweet once made a splash.
Now icy glares and barbed retorts,
Poisoning whispers pierce our hearts.
His promises, like cobwebs frail,
Hang tattered, where trust did sail.
Her tears, like diamonds, fall like rain,
Reflecting wounds that cause us pain.
Hatred's serpent, once unseen,
Uncoils its wrath, a poisoned sheen.
Each bitter word, a searing blow,
Leaving scars for all to know.
The warmth we shared, a distant dream,
Lost in the storm, a shattered seam.
Can shattered trust be ever pieced?
Can love rise, from anger ceased?
Perhaps a spark, a flicker faint,
Will rekindle, and love re-paint.
A whispered plea, a tearful touch,
A bridge rebuilt, from loving much.
But if the shadows hold their sway,
And hate consumes another day,
Then let us part, with gentle grace,
Leaving no room for hate's embrace.
For love deserves a garden fair,
Where trust can bloom, and hearts repair.
And though the pain may linger still,
May kindness guide us, o'er the hill.

Hate Someone

Author: Unknown

Black heart, venom spills,
Shadows twist, love's fragile bloom
Wilts in icy winds.

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