3 Poems About Humanity That May Inspire You

Ah, humanity… The glorious institution that we are all a part of! it’s a huge and varied subject, and fittingly there are a good many poems about humanity that can help you to understand and make sense of this enormous subject. Reading poetry can really help to open the mind and broaden the horizons, especially because, when it comes to humanity, the subject matter is so huge. Poems can help to express things that it is hard to do in simple prose, so reading up around this subject in the form of poetry is sure to interest you.

Reading up on all the different types of people in this world is a great way to experience it, even if you never leave your own country. Teaching yourself about all the humanity that all the different types of people express is, perhaps, even more inspirational – people are out there all the time doing amazing things and exhibiting fine examples of humanity. Hearing about all the lovely things that go on in the world can be very inspirational – it can help us to want to do nice things too, and it can be a beacon of hope during times when you feel that everything is a bit dark and gloomy.

Inspire yourself with poems about humanity! We have listed a good many of these hopeful and lovely poems, sonnets, limericks and haikus. Poetry comes in many forms, as do acts of humanity – have a look through the list and be re inspired at the thought that actually, the world is a pretty nice place. Who knows, maybe you will feel SO inspired that you decide to set up your own group to encourage and celebrate the kindness of humanity that we all try so desperately to express?

Poems About Humanity

Poems About Humanity

Humanity and Nature

Author: C. Lewis

With roots that delve in loam and stone,
A silent symphony is grown.
The leaves, in sunlight's dappled choir,
Whisper secrets nature's pyre.
A tapestry of vibrant green,
Where sunlight paints a verdant scene.
The spider spins, the beetle crawls,
A million lives in emerald halls.
But listen close, a mournful sigh,
A tear that stains the azure sky.
For man, with heart of fire and stone,
Has carved his mark, and stands alone.
The rivers choked, the forests shorn,
A garden plundered, beauty torn.
Can man redeem, with calloused hand,
The symphony he disbands?
Yes, hope remains, a fragile bloom,
In seeds of change that pierce the gloom.
With gentle touch and mended will,
We mend the land, the spirit still.
For nature's song, if lost or stilled,
Leaves man a king, on barren field.
But let us weave, with thread of green,
A future where all life is seen.
So let us walk, with mindful tread,
Where sunlight paints the forest's bed.
And hand in hand, with Nature's grace,
Embrace the symphony's embrace.

Technology and Humanity

Author: S. Ellis

In circuits etched, a future gleams,
A web of steel, a world of dreams.
Machines that think, that speak, that soar,
Humanity's creations pour.
But in the glow of screens so bright,
We lose the warmth of candlelight.
Fingers swipe, but eyes grow dim,
Lost in the echo of a digital hymn.
The touch of grass, the wind's embrace,
Forgotten in this cyber space.
Conversations, cold and brief,
Replaced by algorithms' relief.
Yet, hand in hand, a chance remains,
To weave technology's vibrant veins,
With threads of heart, of laughter's rhyme,
And build a world where both can climb.
Let robots toil, let data flow,
But keep the embers warm aglow.
For stories shared, for tears that fall,
These bind us, one and all.
So let us bridge the silicon tide,
With empathy as our guiding light.
In every click, in every line,
Remember, we are more than code design.
For in the dance of flesh and steel,
A symphony of soul we feel.
Technology and human grace,
Together shaping time and space.


Author: D. Wright

While I can weave a tale of shadows deep,
Where human light no longer weaves its sleep,
My purpose seeks to mend, not tear apart,
To heal the wounds of an afflicted heart.
So let me turn instead to stories bright,
Of hope reborn, against the fading light.
Of hands that join, where walls once stood so stark,
And strength renewed, beneath the dawning spark.
For even when the embers seem to wane,
A single spark can fan the flame again.
In whispers soft, in actions strong and true,
We rise above, and build a future new.
So let us sing of bridges, not of falls,
Of mended trust, that echoes through the halls
Of human spirit, soaring ever high,
A testament to hope beneath the sky.
For darkness yields to morning's gentle grace,
And love remains the compass in this space.
Remember, friend, the power that we hold,
To choose the path, where stories yet unfold.
With mindful steps, and hearts that brightly gleam,
We write a future, worthy of our dream.

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