3 Poems About Recycling To Help Our Planet

We all know how important it is to reduce, reuse, and recycle, right? Making the most of our planet’s natural resources definitely includes preserving them and not wasting them, so that we can ensure there is a planet left for the next generation. Bearing in mind that poetry is a great educational tool (as well as being inspiring and beautiful, of course), why not have a look into poems about recycling, to help spread the message?

Recycling things that we use can help the planet enormously. The things that we recycle in their specific places can then be used to make new things, which can help reduce the waste that we generate, as well as making new things out of old. Did you know, for example, that your plastic bottles can be turned into warm blankets? Crazy, I know! And those glass jars that you satisfyingly smash into the recycling containers can be melted down to make new glass jars, and… The list goes on.

Recycling is about more than just saving the planet – it is a mindset that encourages us to not just throw something away when it has passed its useful state, but instead to repurpose it into something that will become equally useful. Realising that our earth has a finite amount of resources, and that we should be protecting them all at all costs, is a mindset that we should all be adopting. If you are feeling like your home is too cluttered, and you want to try to make a difference to the planet in the future, why not have a read through our list of poems about recycling? You are sure to find something in there that can inspire you to reduce, reuse, recycle – and to tell everyone else to do so too!

Poems About Recycling

Poems About Recycling

Recycle Reuse Reduce

Author: S. Ellis

A mountain made of plastic, where once stood fields of green,
A river choked with bottles, a future grim, obscene.
But wait! A tiny seed of hope, takes root within the soul,
Three words to guide our actions, to make the future whole.
Reduce, oh, mighty mantra, a shield against the waste,
Think twice before you purchase, a mindful, measured pace.
Do you need that extra trinket, that fleeting plastic toy?
Or can you mend and make do, and find a different joy?
Reuse, a magic spell, to breathe new life anew,
Transform a tattered jacket, to cozy garden shoe.
Turn empty jars to planters, let seedlings sprout and climb,
Give gently used possessions, a second chance of time.
Recycle, sing the chorus, when all is worn and torn,
Paper, plastic, metal, reborn, a lesson to be born.
From soda cans to bicycles, from newspapers to walls,
The circle of creation, where nothing truly falls.
So let us raise our voices, with every choice we make,
Reduce, reuse, recycle, for Earth and goodness' sake.
Together we can heal the land, mend the polluted stream,
And weave a tapestry of green, in every act, a dream.
With mindful steps and hearts alight, we'll walk a greener path,
And leave a world of wonder, for laughter, love, and aftermath.
Remember, every action counts, no matter how it seems,
A single seed of change can grow, to rivers, mountains, dreams.

Proper Garbage Disposal

Author: A. Newman

Not scraps on streets, nor bags astray,
No overflowing, pungent fray,
But bins that bow with purpose true,
Where rubbish finds its rightful due.
The paper, crisp and neatly stacked,
Awaiting transformation's knack,
From news of day to seedling tray,
A second life to light the way.
The cans, like soldiers lined in row,
Aluminum's journey, soft and slow,
From soda pop to gleaming bike,
A cycle spun, both strong and light.
The plastic, rinsed and crushed with care,
No longer ocean's tangled snare,
But reborn as threads, both tough and fine,
A phoenix rise, a new design.
Organic scraps, in earthen bed,
Where worms and microbes weave their thread,
Transform to soil, so rich and dark,
For life to sprout, a verdant spark.
For every peel and coffee ground,
A proper place, a cycle found,
Respect for Earth in every cast,
No burden on the future's past.
So let us toss with thoughtful hand,
And mind the Earth, a sacred land,
For proper waste, a noble quest,
A world of beauty, put to test.
With bins aligned and choices made,
We write a future unafraid,
Where mountains bloom, and oceans sing,
And garbage finds its destined thing.

The Environment

Author: P. Delf

Plastic whispers, bottles sigh,
Cans and paper catch the sky.
Earth cries out, her oceans groan,
Recycle now, and mend the moan.
Each twist, each fold, a tiny grace,
A future woven, space by space.
Give life anew, where shadows fell,
Let hope arise, in paper's shell.
From metal's gleam, a bike shall fly,
From broken glass, a butterfly.
So gather close, with mindful hand,
And heal the Earth, one sorted strand.

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