3 Poems About Size That Can Cover Anything

Poems about size are definitely not a “one size fits all” thing (sorry for the pun!) They can cover anything, whether it be large or small, tiny and insignificant, or enormous and world-encompassing. Learning about different sizes starts pretty early on, especially as the kinds start howling because someone else’s ice cream is bigger than theirs! There are many ways that you can express the size of something, and one of the best ways to do this is with words. Poetry is a great way of expressing things, and you can learn a lot through reading good poetry.

The sizes of things doesn’t have to be just based on numbers and measurements – words can also be a great way of measuring things. Some poets use extra-long words to convey their meanings, while others can also use the physical size of the poem to convey size – such as making extra long sentences to describe something larger, or opting for tiny short words to express something smaller. This is before you even start reading poems about things that are big or small! Poetry is incredibly expressive, and it’s a great way of expressing your own self – whether you want to explore deep and meaningful feelings, or compare different sizes through words!

The next time you want to teach someone something about what is big or small, and the differences between the two, why not look into poems about size? This is a fun way to learn, and it can really help to cement the idea in your head too. Also, if you want to find out about some truly impressive “largest this” or “smallest that” then delving into poetry about it can help you to visualize it as if you were actually there. Go on, try it for yourself!

Poems About Size

Poems About Size

Poem About Size

Author: N. Ellis

In the realm of sizes, vast and grand,
From tiny ants to mighty man,
A spectrum lies, a vibrant scene,
A tapestry of measure, so serene.
The tiny sparrow, wings so light,
A speck against the sun's warm light,
Yet in their hearts, a spirit strong,
A songbird soaring, ever long.
The towering oak, a verdant king,
Its roots entwined, its branches spring,
A canopy of leaves so deep,
Protecting creatures, while they sleep.
The vast expanse of ocean's might,
Where waves crash and foam in flight,
A liquid world, so vast and wide,
Where creatures glide on depths inside.
The tiniest grain of sand so fine,
A speck of dust, so hard to find,
Yet in that grain, a universe vast,
A world of wonders, atoms amassed.
In size's dance, a harmony we see,
From tiny specks to giants we decree,
Each playing their part, so grand and true,
In nature's grand design, a symphony anew.
So let us marvel, as we observe,
The endless range, the sizes that observe,
From tiny whispers to thunderous roars,
The dance of size, forevermore.

Poem About Being Plus Size

Author: N. Ellis

In a world of narrow standards, where beauty's defined,
A plus size spirit stands tall, with beauty that's divine.
Curves that embrace, like mother earth's embrace,
A symphony of shapes, a loveliness to grace.
Not bound by numbers, not shaped by size,
A beauty that exudes, a radiant light.
From hips that sway, like branches rustling in the breeze,
To arms that embrace, with warmth and empathy's release.
A woman's form, in all its glory,
A canvas of strength, where stories are told,
Of laughter and tears, of joy and pain,
A tapestry of life, where emotions remain.
So let us embrace, this body's embrace,
A symphony of beauty, that time cannot erase.
Plus size, not a label, but a badge of honor,
A spirit that's untamed, forever to wander.


Author: Unknown

Curves like summer waves,
A body strong and vibrant,
Beauty that inspires.

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