7 Poems About Teachers That Are Great

Whether you hated school or loved it, chances are your teachers were a fairly big part of your life. Hopefully you had some good ones, to educate and inspire you, and who have helped you get to where you are now. If you want to talk to your own kids about teachers, or perhaps you are looking for a special, extra thoughtful gift for a teacher in your life, have a look into poems about teachers. You never know, you may even learn a thing or two!

You may have been lucky enough to have a really great teacher who inspired you with a love of poetry from an early age, or you might be one of those people who has come to discover inspirational poetry later in life. Either way, you can enjoy the love of words through poetry, and find your favourite genre in this huge selection of poems and writing. Even if your teacher did not help you discover poems, or a love of learning, maybe you can come across this in your life now, by going through our list of great poems that mention teaching? Whether you are a teacher or you know a great one, sharing words is a great way of sharing love and appreciation.

Poems can often be even more expressive than prose – the writers often use different techniques to create unique, interesting and inspiring poems. Often, teachers can feel a little jaded because of their very demanding jobs, so sharing your favorite poems about teachers with your child’s favorite teachers can give them the boost they need – especially at the end of a long, grueling term. Instead of the standard chocolates and wine, why not give the gift of words to a deserving teacher at this holiday time? You never know, it may just re-inspire them too!

Poems About Teachers

Poems About Teachers

Great Teachers

Author: S. Ellis

In realms of knowledge and understanding, where minds intertwine,
Great teachers stand tall, with wisdom divine.
Their guidance and passion, a beacon so bright,
Illuminating paths, in life's endless night.
Like lighthouses on shores, guiding ships through the sea,
They navigate the depths, where knowledge should be.
With patience and empathy, they nurture each spark,
Unleashing potential, a precious embark.
Their classrooms, akin to gardens, where minds flourish and bloom,
Seeds of knowledge sown, nurturing dreams in their room.
With passion and zeal, they impart every lore,
Inspiring minds, to reach for more.
Like weavers of tapestries, they interweave threads of thought,
Creating patterns of wisdom, that lasts throughout life's fraught.
With every lesson, a masterpiece they unfold,
A symphony of knowledge, where wisdom takes hold.
Great teachers, not just instructors, but mentors of mind,
Shaping futures and dreams, that forever entwine.
Their legacy echoes, long after they're gone,
A ripple effect of wisdom, forever to be known.
So let us honor these pillars, these guides of the light,
Whose dedication and passion, illuminate our night.
In a world yearning for knowledge, their presence we hail,
Great teachers, forever inspiring, stories to unveil.

Good Teachers

Author: S. Ellis

With open minds and hearts so kind,
Good teachers ignite our own.
They nurture dreams, they plant the seeds,
Of knowledge, wisdom, and deeds.
Through lessons learned and books we read,
Their guidance shapes our minds indeed.
They open doors to worlds unknown,
Where learning blooms and spirits roam.
For good teachers, ever so true,
Plant seeds of wonder, fresh and new.
They ignite our passions, make us strive,
To reach for heights, to truly thrive.
Their influence, a gift so grand,
A symphony of knowledge in their hand.
They mold our minds, they touch our souls,
Good teachers, stories yet to unfold.

Bad Teachers

Author: A. Peters

In classrooms dim, where passion fails,
Bad teachers cast their shadows long.
Their words, like thorns, they tear and pierce,
Leaving hearts and minds in endless strife.
With dull instruction, dreary days,
They stifle dreams, they dim the light.
No spark of knowledge, no guiding hand,
Just barren classrooms, where spirits fade.
Their apathy, a stifling shroud,
Quenches learning's flame, it cannot grow.
With minds suppressed, spirits crushed,
Bad teachers leave their mark, a bitter truth.

Math Teachers

Author: L. Oakley

In realms of numbers, where figures dance,
Math teachers guide, with wisdom's stance.
With equations and formulas deep,
They open doors, where knowledge sleeps.
Like alchemists of logic's art,
They transform chaos, into a charted chart.
From simple sums to complex schemes,
They ignite minds, with mathematical beams.
With patience and passion, they lead the way,
Through mazes of numbers, where minds hold sway.
Their passion for math, a contagious spark,
Inspiring students, to make their mark.
So let us honor these mentors so grand,
Whose dedication and knowledge, forever expand.
Math teachers, they shape our minds anew,
Unlocking the world, with numbers so true.

Nursery Teachers

Author: I. Schmidt

In a world of tiny hands and laughter's chime,
Nursery teachers weave their magic, their light sublime.
With hearts so warm and souls so kind,
They nurture little ones, their spirits to bind.
In classrooms bright, where colors abound,
They plant the seeds of knowledge, stories engrained.
They teach with passion, with love so true,
Guiding tiny steps, setting dreams anew.
From building blocks to songs so sweet,
They fill each moment, with joy complete.
With gentle hands and voices soft,
They soothe each teardrop, making hearts aloft.
Nursery teachers, angels in disguise,
Their love and care, a precious prize.
In their tiny hands, they hold the world,
Nurturing future leaders, their stories unfurled.

Inspirational Teachers

Author: S. Ellis

In classrooms filled with youthful grace,
Stand teachers, with passion in their face.
Their words like seeds, sown in fertile ground,
Nurturing minds, with knowledge profound.
Their hands, like guides, light up the way,
Through paths of learning, come what may.
They ignite the spark, that burns within,
A love of learning, that forever begins.
Inspirational teachers, beacons so bright,
Shaping destinies, day and night.
Their legacies unfold, like stories grand,
Guiding young minds, across the land.

Haiku About Preschool Teachers

Author: Unknown

Warm hands and gentle love
Nurturing tiny minds to grow
Preschool teachers, you rock

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