3 Poems About Beautiful Eyes To Enjoy

The eyes are the window to the soul, it is said, and this never seems more true than when you are gazing into a really spectacular pair of eyes. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what someone finds beautiful may not be to your taste – but you can definitely enjoy poems about beautiful eyes!

A poem can be many things. It can be thought provoking; heart warming; difficult; inspirational – or it can just simply focus on the beauty of a pair of beautiful eyes. Sometimes it’s OK for poetry to be simple – the same way that we can fall in love with the picture of a face (Mona Lisa, we’re looking at you). Are you falling deeply in love with someone who has the most lovely eyes you have ever seen? Do you need to inspire a small child with appreciation for their beautiful eyes, even though they might have to wear glasses? Do you just love poems about beauty? No matter what your reason for looking for this type of poem, you are bound to find an answer for it in our lists.

We have compiled a special list of poems about beautiful eyes, for whatever time in your life that you might need to read such a thing. Poetry is beautiful, and expressive, and inspirational, and you may very well find something that helps you tucked away in those lines… And even if you don’t, and you are more of a fan of stories than poems, you cannot fail to appreciate the beauty in poetry about eyes. Reading about other people’s experiences can also be pretty lovely, so even if you have never felt the need to put pen to paper to celebrate a pair of eyes, you can always enjoy someone else’s words.

Poems About Beautiful Eyes

Poems About Beautiful Eyes

Her Eyes

Author: P. Musk

I gaze into your eyes, a starlit sea,
Where depths of mystery and wonder gleam.
Each iris, flecked with gold, a sunlit beam,
That draws my soul in sweet captivity.
The lashes, dark and long, like tendrils sway,
Framing the dance of light within your gaze.
A million unspoken thoughts in their soft maze,
Where secrets bloom and dreams take flight away.
Oh, how I long to dive into their blue,
And swim among the constellations bright,
To trace the map of love in purest light,
And find my home reflected back to you.
For in your eyes, the universe takes hold,
A world of beauty, precious and untold.

Pretty Eyes

Author: N. Ellis

A maiden with eyes of the sea,
Could launch a thousand ships, don't you agree?
Her glance, a typhoon,
Could sweep hearts right soon,
And leave sailors adrift, you see!

Blue and Green Eyes

Author: P. Samuel

In depths of blue, a sapphire gleam,
Where oceans dance in sunlit dream.
A splash of green, an emerald spark,
A forest whispers in the dark.
Two worlds entwined, a mystic hue,
Where skies and seas forever woo.
A brushstroke soft, a teardrop's trace,
A universe reflected in this space.
They hold the secrets of the dawn,
When light first kissed the world, newborn.
The wisdom whispered by the moon,
The shadows dancing in the noon.
Oh, eyes of blue and verdant green,
A tapestry where dreams convene.
I lose myself within your gaze,
In endless depths of emerald haze.
So let me wander, lost and free,
In galaxies that bloom in thee.
For in your eyes, my world is found,
A paradise on sacred ground.

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