3 Poems About Caregivers To See Their Sacrifices

Caregivers, whether they are our family, friends or even professionals, should be celebrated. They are generally pretty selfless, and are there to help look after their charges and make them feel safe, comfortable and loved.

Caregivers deserve a lot more than poetry – but as we cannot offer every one of them a pay rise or a lottery win, our poems about caregivers collection will have to do! These are a great thing to gift to someone who you think is really good at looking after people, whether that be your granny or a nurse in a hospital.

Reading poems about caregivers can help you to really see the sacrifices that go on, and the dedication which these people offer. It can make you feel more connected to the person, as you may not have seen everything that they do until you read some words that explain it better…

Poetry is a really good way of showing things, and it can get into a person’s mind more easily than simply reading something factual. Have a browse through our lists, and be grateful for all the caregivers in your life. And if you yourself are the caregiver, show this collection to anyone who is not grateful enough for what you do!

Poems About Caregivers

Poems About Caregivers

Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Author: S. Ellis

Caregivers of Alzheimer's, they're a special kind
Their love and patience, truly one of a kind
The road ahead is often long and rough
But they keep going, they've had enough
They wake up early, before the dawn
To care for their loved ones, before they're gone
They feed and dress them, with gentle touch
Their love and devotion, it means so much
They do it all, with strength and grace
Their tireless efforts, no one can replace
They sacrifice so much, for the ones they love
They're angels sent from above
So here's a tribute, to all the caregivers out there
Your love and dedication, beyond compare
You are the backbone, of this disease
Your love and support, will never cease

Elderly Parents

Author: C. Smiley

Taking care of elderly parents, a task that's not easy
It requires patience, love and care, oh so breezy
They once took care of us, when we were young and small
Now it's our turn, to do it all
We help them dress, and tie their shoes
We make sure they're comfortable, we've got nothing to lose
We listen to their stories, of days gone by
We hold their hand, when they start to cry
We clean up messes, and change the bed
We do it all, with love in our head
It's not always easy, to see them age and grey
But the love we have, will never stray
We'll do it all, with love and care
For they are our parents, beyond compare

Taking Care of the Earth

Author: A. McKenzie

Taking care of the Earth, our home so dear
It's up to us, to make it clear
That we must protect, its air and soil
And preserve its beauty, for all to toil
We must reduce, our carbon footprint
And use resources wisely, no need to appoint
We can recycle, and use less waste
And do our part, in this great place
We can plant trees, and save the bees
We can reduce pollution, and clean the seas
We can conserve energy, and use less oil
And preserve the Earth, for all to toil
So let's do our part, to take care of this place
For it's the only one, we have in space
We are its stewards, its protectors too
Let's take care of the Earth, and all it can do

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