7 Poems About Chocolate That Are Delicious

Now, here’s a poetry collection we can really get our teeth stuck into! Poems about chocolate are, as you can imagine, sumptuous and delicious, and are a great way of celebrating this wonderful foodstuff.

A great thing about settling down for a cozy read of this collection is that it won’t break your New Year’s Resolution to give up the good stuff. If you, or someone you know (let’s face it, that’s pretty much all of us!) are a fan of chocolate, then reading poems about it is the next best thing to eating it.

You maybe someone who has decided to give up sweet things because of a diet, or a test of willpower – if this is the case then you should definitely devour this particular collection! Poems about chocolates can satisfy that sweet tooth you have; even though you’re not actually eating the chocolate, the rich words will make you feel as though you are.

This is a great way to experience the high that chocolate brings you, without having to worry about those extra pounds creeping on at the waistline. Go on, treat yourself to our new collection, safe in the knowledge that you are still sticking to your resolution!

Poems About Chocolate

Poems About Chocolates


Author: N. Owens

Chocolate cake, so rich and divine
A treat that's perfect for any time
With layers of moist and fluffy cake
And chocolate frosting, oh so great
The aroma wafts through the air
Inviting you to take a share
A forkful melts in your mouth
A taste you'll never want to douse
Dark, milk or white, it doesn't matter
Chocolate cake is always the winner
A celebration, a birthday, or just because
It's a dessert that never needs an excuse
So here's to chocolate cake, oh so sweet
A delicious treat that can't be beat
A bite of heaven, a slice of bliss
Chocolate cake, you're the ultimate treat


Author: M. Nunez

Chocolate and love, two hearts entwine
A sweetness that is truly divine
The rich aroma of cocoa swirls
Filling our senses, our hearts unfurls
The bitterness of chocolate, softens with love
A delicate balance, sent from above
A kiss shared, with chocolate on the lips
A taste of love, on a lover's hips
Sharing a box of truffles, hand in hand
A gesture of love, so grand
Dark, milk or white, it doesn't matter
Love and chocolate, forever will flatter
With each bite, love grows stronger
Like the rich cocoa, it lasts longer
In each other's arms, we'll always find
Chocolate and love, a taste divine

Chip Cookies

Author: C. Duke

Chocolate chip cookies, warm from the oven
A treat that's loved by young and olden
With chunks of chocolate, melted and gooey
A sight that makes the heart feel so new-y
The aroma fills the house with a scent
A warmth that's truly innocent
The dough, soft and sweet,
A treat that can't be beat
Take a bite and savor the taste
A combination of sweet and chaste
The chocolate, melted and smooth
A treat that's impossible to refuse
So here's to chocolate chip cookies,
A comfort that never gets old
A reminder of home and love
A treat that warms the soul.


Author: M. Bauer

Chocolate bars, oh how sweet,
A taste that can't be beat.
Dark or milk, it doesn't matter,
The joy it brings will surely flatter.
Wrapped in foil, or in a box,
The temptation to eat it now, a constant fox.
Snap off a piece, or take a bite,
The rich cocoa flavor, an absolute delight.
With nuts or nougat, it's a treat,
A dessert that can't be beat.
Chocolate bars, oh how grand,
A guilty pleasure that's worth a second hand.
In moments of joy or of stress,
A chocolate bar is a happiness.
So go ahead, indulge and eat,
Chocolate bars, a delicious treat.


Author: P. Singleton

Chocolate milk, oh sweet delight
A drink that brings pure joy to my sight
Dark and creamy, smooth and rich
A taste that's hard to beat, not a glitch
From a glass or a straw, it's all the same
Sipping on it, I feel no shame
In a shake or a cake, it's always grand
Chocolate milk, my heart's command
With every sip, my worries cease
A moment of pure happiness
A treat for any time of the day
Chocolate milk, you make my heart sway
So here's to you, my dear chocolate milk
A drink that's sure to make my heart feel full
Forever my favorite, my guilty pleasure
Chocolate milk, you are my treasure.


Author: C. Rivers

Dark and rich, a treat so fine
Chocolate candy, you make my heart shine
Smooth and creamy, on my tongue it melts
A flavor so divine, it never felt
With every bite, my cravings you fulfill
My sweet addiction, my guilty thrill
Dark or milk, nuts or nougat
Chocolate candy, you're all I've got
In times of joy or times of woe
Your comfort and delight always show
A gift for friends or a treat for me
Chocolate candy, my sweet destiny
So here's to you, my dear chocolate friend
Until the very bitter end
My love for you will always last
Forever and always, you're the best.


Author: S. Ellis

Chocolate labs, with fur so sleek
Wagging tails and noses that seek
Treats and toys, they're always game
Loyal companions, with a playful aim
Their eyes, like pools of melted cocoa
Express a love that's pure and honest
With boundless energy, they'll chase a ball
Or snuggle close, when you're feeling small
They're the best of friends, till the end
With a wag of the tail, they'll make amends
Chocolate labs, a treat for the soul
Forever by our side, they'll make us whole.

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