5 Poems About Failure To Rise Up From Mistakes

Who on earth would want to read about failure? Surely, we want to know about how things can be wildly successful, right? Well yes, this is true – but it can be very useful to come to terms with failure as well.

If you have any experience with children you will see first hand how important it is to fail, and then get on and try again until you succeed. If you do not have an opportunity to fail, you may not know the levels of your resilience and strength of character!

If we fail, it is at least a sign that we are trying, right? If you don’t ever try anything new then you never have a chance to fail – but you also never have a chance to fly. Poems about failure can help you to see that not everything in life has to be perfect, and also that we can rise up from our mistakes and move on to bigger, brighter things.

And if nothing else, reading about other people’s failures can help us to feel better about our own! Whatever your reasons for finding poems about failure, we really hope that you can find something in this list that can help you in some way.

Poems About Failure

Poems About Failure

Failure and Success

Author: A. Welch

Failure, a word that haunts us all
A feeling that can make us small
It lurks in shadows, a constant fear
But it's a part of life, so don't shed a tear
For every failure, there's a chance to grow
To learn and strive, to let your light show
Success may seem so far away
But keep moving forward, it will come one day
So don't let failure get you down
Keep your head up, wear a smile, not a frown
For every failure, there's a lesson to be learned
And success will come, if you keep your head up and yearn
So embrace the failures, embrace the pain
For it will only make your future gains
All the struggles and hardships you'll face
Will only make your success all the more sweet and great
So don't be afraid to take a risk
For failure is only temporary, and success is in the whisk
Just keep moving forward and don't look back
For success is waiting, on the other side of the track


Author: J. Brown

Love is a fragile thing, so easily broken
A heart once full of joy, now left unspoken
The pain of love lost cuts like a knife
Leaves us alone in the dark, lost in life
We try to pick up the pieces, to mend the seams
But the damage is done, and our heart screams
We wonder where we went wrong, what we could have done
But love's failure leaves us feeling undone
We try to move on, to find love anew
But the memories linger, a constant hue
Of all the times we laughed, and all the times we cried
The love we shared, now only a memory, has died
But even in failure, love teaches us a lesson
To hold on tight, and cherish every blessing
For even though love may sometimes falter
It's a beautiful thing, and worth the alter


Author: M. Smith

Disappointment, a feeling we all know
A weight that pulls us down, and makes us slow
It's the feeling of failure, of dreams left unfulfilled
A constant reminder, our will is killed
We try to push through, to ignore the pain
But it lingers, a constant refrain
We wonder what we could have done differently
But the past is set, and we're left with only misery
We try to move on, to find a way
But disappointment sticks, like tar on our skin's fray
It's a feeling that takes over, and clouds our sight
Leaves us feeling lost, in the middle of the night
But even in failure, and in disappointment's grasp
There is hope, a chance to start anew at last
We can learn from our mistakes, and find a way
To rise above it all, and see a brighter day

Overcoming Failure

Author: E. Simpson

There once was a man who was fraught
With failure and struggles, he thought
But he learned to keep going
And ended up glowing
Now success is the thing he's caught


Author: Unknown

In the midst of failure
A glimmer of hope remains
A chance to try again

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