5 Poems About Silver That Catch Your Eye

Silver is one of our most precious metals, and as such it is something that we view in the highest regard. Silver is a pretty metal, and one that is used to make countless different types of jewelry – as well as being used in some technological applications too. As you may imagine, there are lots of poems about silver that celebrate this versatile metal.

There are also a great many things that are symbolized by silver, so some of this collection may surprise you by being about something that evokes silver, rather than simply the metal itself. The moon, as a small example, is often described as being silver, as are some large bodies of water – so if you are expecting poems simply about the metal then you are in for a pleasant surprise!

Some of us love gold and diamonds, while others go for the more subtly beautiful silver in its place – if this describes you as well as me then our collection will delight you! There are a great many poems about silver in this world, written by a huge variety of different people, so you are bound to find something that catches your eye and makes you think.

Poems About Silver

Poems About Silver


Author: B. Kline

Amidst the clouds of darkest gray,
A glimmer shines, a silver ray.
It guides us through the stormy night,
And brings a hope that all will be alright.
For every cloud that blocks the sun,
A silver lining can be won.
It reminds us to keep moving on,
And that the day will soon be dawn.
So when the winds of life are fierce,
And troubles seem to never cease,
Remember that a silver lining,
Is always there, a source of peace.
It may not take the pain away,
But it will light the path to a brighter day.
So hold on tight, and don't give in,
For the silver lining's always waiting to begin.

Birch Tree

Author: I. Chapman

The silver birch, so tall and fair,
With bark so white, it shines like air.
It stands so proud, against the sky,
A beacon bright, that never dies.
Its leaves are green, and light as well,
They flutter soft, like a fairy's spell.
And in the fall, when colors change,
It's golden hues, are truly grand.
It's branches thin, yet strong and true,
Reaching out, to touch the blue.
It's roots so deep, they reach the earth,
A symbol of, unending worth.
The silver birch, a sight so grand,
A natural work, so finely planned.
A symbol of, resilience and grace,
A tree we'll treasure, in any place.


Author: F. Chen

Silver, shining bright and pure,
A metal of beauty, that will endure.
It glows in the moonlight, like a star,
A symbol of wealth, from near and far.
It's used in coins and jewelry,
To adorn, and add a touch of luxury.
In photography, it captures light,
Preserving memories, so clear and bright.
It's strong, yet malleable too,
A versatile element, that's here to stay.
It's found in nature, deep in mines,
A precious metal, that's hard to find.
Silver, a symbol of wealth and power,
A metal that will shine for hours.
It's beauty and value, will never fade,
An enduring element, that's here to stay.


Author: I. Baxter

The silver moon, so round and bright,
Shines down on us, in the still of night.
It casts a glow, upon the land,
A peaceful light, that guides our hand.
It's a symbol of magic and mystery,
A celestial wonder, for all to see.
It's phases, a reminder of time,
A constant companion, through all life's climb.
In the dark of the night, it's a beacon of hope,
A shining light, that helps us cope.
It's beauty, a reminder of the grand,
A cosmic wonder, that we'll always have at hand.
The silver moon, a sight to behold,
A symbol of the secrets yet untold.
It's light will shine, forevermore,
A celestial wonder, we'll always adore.


Author: Y. Maddox

The silver sword, so sharp and bright,
A weapon of legend, a fearsome sight.
It's forged in fire, with skill and care,
A tool of battle, that's beyond compare.
It's hilt is adorned, with precious stones,
A symbol of power, that's rarely known.
It's blade is long, and slender too,
A weapon that's deadly, yet elegant too.
With every swing, it cuts the air,
A sound that echoes, everywhere.
It's wielded by, a brave and true,
A warrior, that's battle-tested too.
The silver sword, a symbol of might,
A weapon of legend, that shines so bright.
It's wielded by the brave, the strong,
A tool that's needed, to right the wrong.

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