5 Poems About Finding Yourself

As we all know, there are about a billion and one poems, songs and stories about finding true love and finding “The One”. But where are the poems about finding yourself?

Well I’m glad you asked, because we’ve got them all, right here! We all know how tricky life can feel when you haven’t quite gotten to grips with finding out your true purpose; that thing that makes your heart sing; whatever it is that makes you, YOU.

Reading poems about finding yourself can actually help you to find yourself, believe it or not. Poetry can be so inspirational, sometimes all it takes it that one poem that stops you in your tracks and makes you look around at your life as you suddenly realize what it was that you were missing. Well, finally you will have found it, when you start reading inspirational words about finding yourself!

Reading poetry can help you to make more sense of the world than you did before, so that you can really look deep inside yourself and find your true meaning. Sometimes having someone else express how we are feeling can help us to express it – so have a look through these poems and see if you can find yourself in them.

Poems About Finding Yourself

Poems About Finding Yourself


Author: R. Owen

Finding yourself again is like a breath of fresh air, 
A new beginning, a chance to start anew. 
After feeling lost and unsure, 
You find your footing and a sense of who you are anew.
In the depths of despair, you thought all hope was lost, 
But then you found the strength to carry on. 
You looked within yourself and discovered 
A wellspring of determination, courage, and resolve.
With renewed vigor and a steadfast heart, 
You set out on a journey to rediscover who you are. 
And as you traveled, you found bits and pieces 
Of the person you used to be, and the person you want to be.
Now, standing tall and confident, 
You embrace the person you have become, 
And with each step forward, you feel more and more like yourself.
For in finding yourself again, you have found a new lease on life, 
A chance to thrive and flourish, to be the best version of yourself. 
And as you continue on your journey, you know 
That you will never again lose sight of who you truly are.

Losing Yourself

Author: M. Ferguson

Losing yourself is like a slow descent, 
A gradual slipping away from who you are. 
It starts with small doubts and insecurities, 
But soon it takes hold, and you are consumed by fear.
You try to hold on, to cling to what you know, 
But the harder you try, the more you slip. 
You feel yourself being pulled under, 
Dragged down into the depths of uncertainty.
At first, you try to fight it, to resist the change, 
But eventually, you are overcome. 
You are no longer the person you used to be, 
But a mere shadow of your former self.
You wander aimlessly, lost and confused, 
Searching for something to anchor you, 
But you find nothing, and you are consumed 
By a feeling of emptiness and despair.
And as you continue to drift, you realize 
That you may never find yourself again, 
That you may be lost forever, 
A ghost of who you once were.

Being True To Yourself

Author: R. Butler

Being true to yourself is a noble pursuit, 
A journey that requires courage and determination. 
It means standing tall and facing your fears, 
And embracing your true identity without hesitation.
It means accepting your flaws and imperfections, 
And loving yourself for who you are. 
It means rejecting the pressure to conform, 
And living your life on your own terms.
It means being honest with yourself and others, 
And speaking your truth without fear of judgment. 
It means following your passions and dreams, 
And not letting anyone else dictate your path.
For when you are true to yourself, 
You radiate confidence and authenticity. 
You inspire others to do the same, 
And you create a world that is true and genuine.
So embrace who you are, and never be afraid 
To be true to yourself, no matter the cost. 
For in being true to yourself, you will find 
Happiness, fulfillment, and a sense of purpose.


E. Brock

Starving yourself is a dangerous game, 
A misguided attempt to gain control. 
It starts with small restrictions, a little less food, 
But soon it spirals out of control.
You deprive yourself of the nourishment you need, 
Ignoring the rumbling of your empty stomach. 
You look in the mirror and see a stranger, 
A gaunt and hollow shell of who you used to be.
At first, you may feel a sense of accomplishment, 
A misguided pride in your self-denial. 
But soon, the effects of your starvation 
Become impossible to ignore.
Your energy fades, your mood sours, 
And your body begins to shut down. 
You are consumed by a never-ending hunger, 
But still, you refuse to give in.
In the end, starving yourself only leads 
To more suffering, more pain, and more regret. 
It is a destructive cycle that must be broken, 
Before it consumes you completely.


Author: Unknown

On a winding path, 
I find myself once again. 
Blossoming, alive.

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