5 Poems About Jealousy That Can Eat You Up

Jealousy is an awful feeling, and one that can eat you up from the inside. Feeling jealous of someone else – whether because they stole your girlfriend or because they seem to have everything handed to them on a plate – is a really horrible thing, and can affect you on a daily basis.

Reading poems about jealousy can help you to get over these feelings, and help you learn how to move past them and move on with your own life (which probably isn’t that bad really; you may just need some perspective).

Reading poems about jealousy, if nothing else, can make you realize that you are not alone in these feelings. Literally everyone on the planet feels jealousy at times – it seems to be human nature to see things we want and to resent the people who have them!

However, much as with social media posts, things are not always as they seem. It may be that you are feeling jealousy for no reason. Whatever is going on with you, reading through our poems may well help you to feel happier, more relaxed, and grateful for what you do have, rather than hankering after what you do not have.

Poems About Jealousy

Poems About Jealousy


Author: H. David

Jealousy creeps in, like a thief at night,
Stealing joy and causing endless fights.
It twists the mind and poisons the heart,
Tearing couples and relationships apart.
Green-eyed monster, oh how it lurks,
Fueled by fear, it never shirks.
It whispers lies, and creates doubts,
It never sleeps, it never wears out.
It fuels the fire, and feeds the flame,
Making love, a game of shame.
It's a disease that never cures,
A chain reaction, it always assures.
But jealousy can be overcome,
With trust and love, it can be undone.
Communication and honesty,
Are the keys to break its tyranny.
So when jealousy rears its ugly head,
Do not let it control, do not let it lead.
Stand up to it, do not give in,
For love will always win.


Author: C. Keith

Jealousy between friends, a bitter pill to swallow,
A cancer that destroys, a sadness that follows.
It's a seed of doubt, planted in the mind,
A friendship left to wilt, a love left undefined.
It starts with a glance, a simple little thing,
But soon it grows, it becomes a king.
It starts to consume, till all you see,
Is the envy and the spite, the jealousy.
It creates a distance, between you and your friend,
A rift that grows, till it can't be mended.
It steals the laughter, and replaces it with tears,
It turns the bond of friendship, into nothing but fears.
But jealousy doesn't have to be the end,
If we're honest and direct, it can be befriend.
Talk about it, understand why it's there,
With love and trust, the friendship can repair.
So let not jealousy divide,
what friendship can forever bind.
For true friends will always find,
A way to love, to forgive, and to remind.


Author: B. Gordon

Jealousy and envy, twin sisters, oh so cruel,
They lurk and linger, like a dark and heavy jewel.
They gnaw at the mind, they twist and they turn,
Filling the heart, with a fire that burns.
They make us compare, they make us resent,
Leaving us feeling, incomplete, impotent.
They make us covet, what others possess,
Making us feel, like we're worth less.
But jealousy and envy, must be tamed,
For they'll only lead us, to a life filled with shame.
We must learn to accept, to be content and true,
For the only way to happiness, is to find it in you.
We must let go of our greed and our pride,
And learn to appreciate, what's inside.
For true joy and fulfillment, come not from without,
But from within, that's what it's all about.
So let us be mindful, of these sisters so vile,
And let us rise above, jealousy and envy's guile.


Author: M. Cline

There once was a girlfriend so jealous
She'd get angry and make a big fuss
She'd accuse and she'd pout
Until there was no doubt
Her boyfriend was feeling quite zealous.

Haiku about Jealousy

Author: Unknown

Jealousy's venom
Poisons the heart, kills love's bloom
Leaves only ashes

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