Poems About Silver

5 Poems About Silver That Catch Your Eye

Silver is one of our most precious metals, and as such it is something that we view in the highest regard. Silver is a pretty metal, and one that is used to make countless different types of jewelry – as well as being used in some technological applications too. As you may imagine, there are … Read more

poems about owls

5 Poems About Owls To Pay Tribute To Them

Owls are an incredibly symbolic bird, and as such they lend themselves very well to poetry. Describing their nobility, wisdom, beauty, and the grace of their flight is pretty much what poetry’s all about, right? If you haven’t ever read any poems about owls, then you’re in for a treat today – we have gathered … Read more

Poems About Coffee

5 Poems About Coffee To Leave You Craving

Ahh, coffee – that delicious beverage that we have been using for centuries as a pick me up, a wind down after dinner, or simply as a tasty drink – who doesn’t love coffee? As a coffee enthusiast, you will probably have several different blends for different times of day; you know the history and … Read more

Poems About Chocolates

7 Poems About Chocolate That Are Delicious

Now, here’s a poetry collection we can really get our teeth stuck into! Poems about chocolate are, as you can imagine, sumptuous and delicious, and are a great way of celebrating this wonderful foodstuff. A great thing about settling down for a cozy read of this collection is that it won’t break your New Year’s … Read more

Poems About Dogs

5 Poems About Dogs That Are Our Best Friends

Dogs are just the best, aren’t they? They have a well-deserved reputation for being man’s best friend, and it’s easy to see why! They are loyal, loving, funny, obedient – and many of them can be trained to do some truly amazing things (not least finding lost people with that awesome sense of smell). If … Read more

Poems About The Desert

3 Poems About The Desert That Are Beautiful

A dry, dusty, arid landscape can’t have much going for it, surely? I mean, there are many poems about lush, verdant, green landscapes – but poems about the desert? Surely not! Well actually there are a great many things to be celebrated about the desert. Many of them used to be under the sea, so … Read more

Poems About Touch

7 Poems About Touch That Moves Your Soul

Of our five senses, touch is a very important one. Imagine getting a cuddle from a loved one, or shaking someone’s hand, or getting a high five – this would be impossible without feeling touch. Poems about touch can explain a lot to us – whether that is in the sense of physical touch, or … Read more

Poems About Monsters

3 Poems About Monsters That Are Creepy Enough

“Monsters under the bed” are something that we are all familiar with, right? Whether you remember being scared of monsters as a child, or whether you have a small person who cannot sleep without the light on for fear of things that go bump in the night, poems about monsters might just be the answer. … Read more

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